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Renault For Sale In United States

There are 2 Renault cars for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Renault cars offered in listings in the United States.

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1987 Renault Alpine Alpine GTA/610 1987

US $16,100.00

USA United States

Mileage: 31708 Transmission: Manual

1987 Renault Alpine GTA/610 n nn n Vehicle Informationn n nn n n VIN:n D501021Jn n n Stock:n 210500342cn n n Mileage:n 31,708n n n Color:n Marine ...


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1960 Renault 4CV 1960

US $3,906.79

USA United States

Mileage: 5000

Very nice Renault. 4CV.Runs and drives. New Tires.I have owned it for 13 years has been driven less that 100 miles in that time. Please ask any questions. True miles Unkown. Car can be seen in Newport Beach, CA.On Sep-10-20 at 10:39:12 PDT, ...


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Owner Reviews

When we acquired the first impression was - an awkward little elephant. But when you got inside - the feeling that you were in the cabin of a business class aircraft. Places are just heaps, in the rear seats you can throw your legs over. It’s easy to breathe, you don’t interfere with your neighbors in the seat, there is a lot of air and light, visibility is excellent, the roof does not press over your head. Beauty.

If you wish, you can put a wardrobe, a refrigerator, a baby stroller, a couple of bicycles and a double bed into the carit's not a problem. Having expanded the rear row of seats, you can sleep to your full height (it’s convenient when traveling to nature - if you don’t want to sleep on the ground or in a tent).

Noise isolation is very good - with the windows closed, the noise of the engine and wheels is not heard.
Headlights - incomparable (as in the daytime). Everything is visible to the smallest detail. The eyes do not get tired and do not strain.

The suspension is moderately hard, closer to soft. Just right for our roads with lots of potholes. Turning radius, Turning angle, exactly less Zhiguli and ethen with large dimensions. Parking in the yard is a waste of time.

In general terms, that's all.

Renault Kangoo, 2010
When we got the first impression it was - an awkward little elephant. But when you got inside - the feeling that you were in the cabin of a business class aircraft ...

Renault Logan, 2008
Before buying, I never liked Renault, according to reviews, the impression was bad. Bought it and didn't regret it. High speed control is smooth. To distant...

Renault Megane, 2013
I bought it half a year ago and never regretted it, the reviews of real people about it are positive everywhere, it is not expensive, it was enough for me to buy. I drive it carefully, so there are no breakdowns...

Renault Sandero, 2014
First of all, I wanted a new car (within 500 tr plus 50 for insurance) reliable and to just drive without problems, because buying a used one...

Renault Fluence, 2013
Quite pleased with the ownership of this car. He doesn't bother mecoil, did not break. But it requires, like any other car, attention and proper care. Quality...

Renault Duster, 2015
Bought a new car, perfect condition. Prior to the Duster, Mitsubishi's ASX was a front-wheel-drive automatic. The difference in the summer was not noticeable, but in the winter - yes ...

Renault Sandero, 2017
I can rightfully compare both generations of the Renault Stepway, since at different times I was the owner of both. Cars are perfectly adapted to the harsh Russian...

Renault Fluence, 2011
Good afternoon! For a long time did not dare to leave a review about the possession of "flush", like the time and desire appeared. In general, let's start. Before Fluence, there were exclusively domestic cars, it started, like ...

Renault Duster, 2013
The car was operated in difficult road conditions, in off-road conditions. Excellent cross-country ability, versatility. I had to carry in the cabin and three-meter ...

Renault Sandero, 2012
Renault Sandero Stepway acquired in the Renault"new with a mileage of 5 km. The car has a comfortable and spacious interior. Automatic transmission, power steering ...

Renault Kangoo, 2014
I brought the first Kangoo II from Belgium in 2011 with mileage

Renault Sandero, 2013
It took a long time to choose a reliable and suitable car for the wife's daily trips to work, for a long time we studied all the characteristics andfeedback from Renault car owners...

Renault Sandero, 2013
In general, the car was satisfied, it was used for 3.5 years until the third MOT passed. Moreover, Renault was considered as my next car. The third MOT cost me a lot...

Renault Sandero, 2011
The car was purchased in November 2011 as a second car to travel around the city - work, kindergarten, school, shops. The choice was between - Solaris (Hyundai) ...

Renault Clio, 2009
I classify this car as a mini-jeep :) Because it is mega passable (there are low gears 1 and 2), it starts the first time in winter. At the same time, the machine is not capricious and not demanding...

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