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Pontiac For Sale In United States

There are 163 Pontiac cars for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Pontiac cars offered in listings in the United States.

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1980 Pontiac Trans Am Pace Car

US $61,998.00

USA United States

1980 Pontiac Trans Am Pace Car ...


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1972 Pontiac Le Mans

US $40,000.00

USA United States

1972 Pontiac Le Mans ...


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1968 Pontiac GTO Convertible 1968

US $45,500.00

USA United States

Mileage: 58797 Transmission: Automatic

1968 Pontiac GTO Convertiblen nn n n n n n n FSBOn n n (833) 254-8675n n n n 1941 S. 42nd St. • Suite 104n n Omaha ...


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1966 Pontiac Le Mans 400 V8, Cragar SS Wheels, Bucket ... 1966

US $38,900.00

USA United States

Mileage: 15791 Transmission: Automatic

eBay Salesn n n 866-504-5439n n n n 1751 Gulf to Bay Blvd n n Clearwater Florida ...


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1979 Pontiac Trans Am 1979

US $9,100.01

USA United States

Mileage: 48885 Transmission: Automatic

@import url(;nnnnnAbout this vehiclenThis 1979 Pontiac Trans Am is an original. The owner has had it for 2 years. The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for weekend drives. For ...


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1977 Pontiac Grand Prix 1977

US $34,995.00

USA United States

Mileage: 23910 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

Clint or Mark R.n n n 636-323-4202n n n n 427 Little Hills Ind Blvd n n St Charles Missouri ...


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1969 Pontiac Firebird 1969

US $25,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 76000 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline



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1998 Pontiac Firebird 1998

US $59,900.00

USA United States

Mileage: 74000 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

@import url(;nnnnnAbout this vehiclenThis 1998 Pontiac Firebird is an original. The owner has had it for 2 years. The vehicle runs great and is mainly used for car ...


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1989 Pontiac Bonneville SE 1989

US $1,450.00

USA United States

Mileage: 116000 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

@import url(;nnnnnAbout this vehiclenThis 1989 Pontiac Bonneville is an original. This is offered for sale by the original owner. The vehicle runs great and is not regularly ...


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1983 Pontiac Trans Am 1983

USA United States

Mileage: 1315 Transmission: Automatic

Smokey Mountain Traders - eBay Templaten n n n n n n nnn n n n n n n n n n n n 1983 Pontiac Trans AM 1,300 Miles 305 V8 Automatic AC PS PDB T Tops Survivorn 1983 Pontiac Trans Amn n n n n n n n n n n n Engine Sizen 5.0 Liter V8n n n n n Transmission Typen ...


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Owner Reviews

Buying a car was spontaneous. There was not a very large amount on hand, and I was going to save up for a front-wheel drive of domestic production. A friend just recently bought this handsome man. But, since he bought it in a thoroughly shabby condition, and then was frightened of the subsequent repair, he sold it to me cheaply, for the price of an eight-year-old eight!) Of course, I had to lie under it a lot, even a lot.) Just a jamb on a jamb ... immediately threw out a big pile of absolutely unnecessary wiring!The snot lay right on top of the motor ***!

Then a radiator leaked at all seams, I had to change it unambiguously, some craftsmen tried to cover it up with ordinary putty XD), the ignition coil went for replacement, and then the board itself ... After that, it became much more fun to drive ***), the XX sensor also flew into the pipe). The brushes with the original fasteners crumbled in the starter, I gave them to be repaired, in the end I waited for my starter all winter and almost all spring, just kapets ... I will certainly not say because of whom ...As a result, he made the holders himself and put the brushes from Kamaz (hell when they fall apart there)! But most of all I was finished off by the generator, which practically did not charge, because of which the battery constantly ran down and had to be charged ***).

I had to carry a spare battery in the trunk, for which Pontiakos received the nickname "ELECTRIC CAR ", well, then I still installed my own generator (before that it was from some Japanese woman), though the integral circuit died in it).

Pontiac G6, 2003
Purchasemachine turned out to be spontaneous. There was not a very large amount on hand, and I was going to save up for a front-wheel drive of domestic production. A friend just recently bought this handsome...

Pontiac Torrent, 2005
I don't own this car. Due to the peculiarities of my work, I am constantly provided with company cars and, depending on the income of companies, these cars range from economy to premium class. Equinox I drove...

Pontiac Aztek, 2001
Pontiac Aztek has a very unusual appearance. Noteveryone will call it the most beautiful, but you are guaranteed 100% attention on the road! If you take a closer look at the exterior, you will notice...

Pontiac Torrent, 2005
I am writing a review after a successful sale. Sold the truth for a long time, ... but still found a buyer. Acquired and traveled in Moscow. I was the second owner. The first owner drove the car for 1 year, oils and...

Pontiac Aztek, 2004
Oh, to be honest, I was very pleased with the car.) I got into small accidents and was really surprised surprisen. Somehow I was standing at the sink backwards, a BMW was driving out and, oddly enough, as he told me that he ...

Pontiac Firebird, 1991
Well, I decided to unsubscribe too! I have been selling cars for over 10 years. Poyuzal almost everything that moves. And then one day, driving through one of the villages near the city of Krasnoyarsk...

Pontiac GTO, 2005
Рontiac GTO 6.0 Liter V8, 2005, Diablo chip, resinator removed, rear wheel drive 4:10 Gear ratios, 6 speeds. Buying this car was a matter of chanceoh, but it stirred up the memory and revived...

Pontiac Torrent, 2006
I leased the car at the end of June 2006, now I don't drive much. Model AWD (all wheel drive) which means all-wheel drive, but it is a typical SUV with a viscous coupling for redistribution...

Pontiac Torrent, 1994
I bought this car for my wife. Despite its impressive dimensions and not a very feminine style. BUT! He is on the frame - and if someone "disturbs" him on the road with all the children and household ...

Pontiac Trans Sport, 1996
I want to say a few words about handling. First of all, the difference is felt on slippery roads. I have three cars: - All-wheel drive car with permanent symmetrical drive...

Pontiac Vibe, 2005
Before Pontiac Vibe 2005, I owned a BMW E 34 525 91, but it happened that I broke it and my whole life went downhill! Years passed, I collected a certain amount of money and went to a car dealership in search of ...

Pontiac Sunfire, 1998
Dynamika is excellent. Places in the cabin a lot - did not expect. Fuel consumption for an American car is simply ridiculous: the highway is 6 liters, the city is up to 10 on the machine. Appearance futuristic - for the young in spirit. Auto parts are almost all made to order. Mileage to Moscow from Yekaterinburg passed at a time. Traffic cops on the highway stop and forget to look at the docks, they ask what kind of car ... I'm very good. satisfied. I only sold it because I was left with one and two children. We urgently needed cash.

Pontiac Vibe,2003
Purchased 3 years ago. I traveled from Astrakhan to Finland, along the middle off-road lane of Russia. Of the replacements - front struts with shock absorbers, links. Average...

Pontiac Vibe, 2003
When it was necessary to buy a car, I did not pay much attention to the appearance. But I also did not look at the Soviet monsters. First of all, I needed a reliable, inexpensive and practical...

Pontiac Grand AM, 1993
I have owned the car for two years. I took it, so to speak, quite by accident:I wanted something practical and inexpensive to maintain, like a second Felicia or Vetra...

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