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There are 1 Peugeot cars for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Peugeot cars offered in listings in the United States.

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1960 Peugeot 403 1960

US $28,000.00

USA United States

Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

Totally restored 1960 Peugeot completely sandblasted underneath and repainted. Very clean body. Brand new off white paint. New window seals have been replaced. Rebuilt 4 cylinder motor. Rebuilt 4 speed trans on the tree....Yes a 4 ...


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Owner Reviews

Until recently, I drove a boxer for 14 years with a 2.2 HDi MT L4H2 4t engine. First impressions were positive, but it did not last long. At about 80 thousand km, the nozzles had to be changed, because the relatives were out of order. A little later, I immediately flew in to repair the suspension.

Oporniki, wheel bearing and silent blocks lived out their last moments and required urgent replacement. At the same time immediately changed the second hub, stabilizers and tips. At 120 thousand km, my fuel system failedth pump, had to put a new one. The car began to bring not profit, but losses, and its consumption did not fall below 11 liters.

I decided to sell it, it turned out that the demand for it was small and it was difficult to find a buyer, but still I found it through a friend. It’s a pity of course the money spent on it, but now there is experience in repairing such cars.

Peugeot Boxer, 2014
Until recently, I drove a boxer for 14 years with a 2.2 HDi MT L4H2 4t engine. First impressions were positive, butit didn't last long. Approximately 80 thousand km had to change nozzles...

Peugeot Boxer, 2010
Hello everyone! Since 2010, for three years in a row, he worked on the route on a fawn. From the outside it looks good, not luxury, of course, but it will do. It's worse inside. Comfort is out of the question, even the seats are uncomfortable...

Peugeot Boxer, 2015
At first, Peugeot pleased with its dynamics and convenience, but as soon as 40 thousand km hit the odometer ., all injectors died, here's a new car for you, I had to changeat my own expense, because under warranty...

Peugeot Boxer, 2017
When my boss transferred me to a new Peugeot, after a dead transit, at first I was even glad. But soon I wanted to go back. Yes, everything is new, the interior is pleasant ...

Peugeot 308, 2010
The car is excellent, both in winter and in summer - it proved to be very good. When many could not start in cold weather, I did not even remove the battery. Came out, started, warmed up and drove off. Very cool...

Peugeot 308, 2010
I am a car enthusiast-female. Bought a car in 2014 in winter in excellent condition. Mileage was 29,000 km. I liked this model for a long time. Respectable...

Peugeot 207, 2009
I bought it for myself, it was a long-awaited purchase! The first and my favorite car. It's a pity to part, but there's no point in holding on anymore (the second - and already ...

Peugeot 408, 2014
Hello everyone! So I finally decided to write a review about Peugeot 408". The history of the acquisition of a car is quite simple. Just comrades:garage neighbors one owns a 407, the other owns...

Peugeot 406, 2004
I've been driving a Fawn since 2012. Since 2014 I have been working in it in a taxi! Before that there were two Passat 89g. and 95g. and Audi 96. What I want to say. Peugeot 406 restyled diesel eight-valve HDi 2.0 engine - ideal ...

Peugeot 408, 2012
Omnivorous diesel, 8 valves, without soot (which is very important for Russia. Timing drive - belt - which is quite unusual for a diesel, but the noise level is very low.about ...

Peugeot 206, 2008
The car was bought for his beloved wife. The choice was based on the economy of the car, aesthetics and affordability. and the choice immediately fell on this car. Very ...

Peugeot Partner, 2012
Peugeot Partner is a great car for family and work. Pros: A comfortable row of rear seats can comfortably accommodate three adults of average build without resting their knees on the front seats, which is important for long trips. I would like to especially note thetrunk space. In which it is convenient to fit both equipment and materials for work, and a stroller for a baby. The last detail will be appreciated when traveling with the family. It is impossible not to mention separately such a function as cruise control. Long distances of thousands of kilometers are much easier to overcome, as you set the desired speed and calmly steer without touching the gearbox.

Peugeot 408, 2013
The dynamics of the car is very decent thanks to the turbo engine and a good six-speed automaticy. Consumption on the highway was about 7 liters. around the city 8-9. The interior is roomy, almost anyone can fit behind the wheel, and behind the wheel too. The trunk is huge, though I had to get it out of the depths of the cabin - the seat reclines. The handling of the car is good, it keeps the road well, the main thing is not to overload the trunk!

Peugeot Partner, 2008
Best car for work - rear seats fold down and stow away. Furniture enters easily without disassembly, and you can put a desk, chair and workt as in the office :) The best car for family and recreation - the height of the cabin allows you to change clothes while standing. A bunch of trunks and a shelf. Sliding high door. You ride like in a bus, there is a lot of space.

Peugeot 406, 2001
Here are 2 facts that speak in favor of this car: 1. All African countries use this particular modification for taxis. As you understand, the level...

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