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Opel For Sale In United States

There are 4 Opel cars for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Opel cars offered in listings in the United States.

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1970 Opel 1900 GT Coupe 1900 Restored 2 Door Must See 70+ HD ... 1970

US $22,222.22

USA United States

Mileage: 56000 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

1970 Opel GT CoupeHello There, I hope you are having a great day while looking for that classic car to make you smile, Call Or Text Me anytime. Kate 407-437-6348My Husband and I love classic cars, We have reached an age and time where it is too ...


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1963 Opel Olympia Rekord 1963

US $1,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 25000 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

1963 Opel Olympia Rekord ...


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1971 Opel Opel GT 1971

US $410.00

USA United States

Mileage: 98912 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

1971 Opel GT. Check out this 1971 Opel GT. NO TITLE! This cars has been setting on my lot for years. Selling this car as a parts car. The car comes with the original engine. Its has a 5 speed transmission. The miles are showing 98912. We believe ...


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1973 Opel Opel 1973

USA United States

Mileage: 64000 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

1973 Opel GT . In good running order. Exterior paint and interior in good condition. All original except for the custom A/C. ...


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Owner Reviews

In 2021, from January, I chose a compact MPV. Before that, I had a Largus for 5 seats. In general, initially, I wanted 7 seats, but this is something averaged between 3 next to it and the trunk. It is uncomfortable to sit, there is really no trunk. In general, I did not like it at all. So, among similar options, I came across a combo life. The price came out to 1.6 million for a turbodiesel engine and a manual transmission.

I’ll highlight the pluses:
⁃ a lot of space, enough for everyone, you can load almost 1500 liters if you remove the shelf. And without a secondrow so generally consider you have a small van.
⁃ engine thrust, diesel always pulls, but there is something right here, given only 90 hp. The motor is enough even with a loaded body.
⁃ very low tax.
⁃ pretty soft suspension.
⁃ good ground clearance.
⁃ what is not in the largus is two sliding doors, it is very convenient.

Now to the cons:

⁃ I would like at least the ability to install 3 rows. I don’t really need it, but it didn’t hurt, so to speak, “in reserve”
⁃ veryergonomics are unusual, especially power windows (location)
⁃ head unit does not show consumption .. I think it's being treated somehow, I'll go to the dealer for information

Summarizing, I'll say that so far I'm satisfied. For its price, the best car is not only in the class of so-called compact vans, but also surpasses the absolute majority of crossovers in practicality.

Opel Combo, 2021
In 2021, from January, I chose a compact van. Before that, I had a Largus for 5 seats. In general, initially, I wanted to7 seats, but this is something in between...

Opel Zafira Life, 2020
Hello everyone! With the advent of the third child in my family, our good old 14-year-old Nissan Qashqai has become noticeably small for 5 people and a dog, given ...

Opel Grandland X, 2020
Hello everyone, I am writing your first review. I was looking for a car to travel around the city and take the children to school. I liked the Opel Grandland X, I didn’t think I would choose ...

Opel Grandland, 2020
Greetings to all, dear friends. Pthe background is this, for a long time he owned a Chevrolet Aveo, bought it with his wife after the wedding, a lot has changed since that moment ...

Opel Kadett, 1988
The car was purchased from a friend 3 years ago. The condition is normal for a car of this age. Mileage was 88 thousand, but I doubt that this is a real figure...

Opel Meriva, 2008
I bought this car in a car dealership. Before that, there was a Chevrolet Aveo, bought from them, I got into an accident on it, and when I arrived to evaluate the repair, they offered me a

Opel Astra, 2014
Bought a car in April 2016, new condition, mileage at that time 18,000 km. For that kind of money, I think I chose the best option, based on: Year of manufacture...

Opel Astra, 2008
immediately after customs clearance. Purebred German brought from Italy. Only a station wagon and only a diesel one were considered...

Opel Astra, 2012
I chose a car for a long time, looked towards small powerful cars with luxury comfortorthom, I wanted something for myself, because 99% of the time I drive alone, without ...

Opel Astra, 1999
Cool car, a lot of space, cheap consumables - you can change everything yourself. On average, a technical inspection costs 2,200 rubles (changing oil, filter...

Opel Astra, 2007
The car was purchased in 2012 from the first owner in very good condition, with slightly less mileage 60 t. km Chose between Renault Megane, Ford Focus and...

Opel Astra, 2008
I am very pleased with the carlinen. Bought it after the ride, fell in love immediately. The car is from Germany, the assembly is also German. The main mileage on autobahns...

Opel Astra, 2007
Compared to competitors, Astra is good for the price, but the quality, alas, leaves much to be desired. During the year of operation there were several problems. I bought a car...

Opel Mokka, 2014
I've been using the car for 1 year. The overall impression is very good. The seats are comfortable and adjustable to any size. Manageability is excellent. Very xHolds well...

Opel Astra Family, 2012
It's nice to drive a car. This engine size is certainly not suitable for racers, although in sport mode the machine is very frisky. Excellent road holding, no...

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