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Infiniti For Sale In United States

There are 8 Infiniti cars for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Infiniti cars offered in listings in the United States.

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2017 Infiniti QX30 BASE

US $24,800.00

USA United States

2017 Infiniti QX30 BASE ...


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2019 Infiniti Q50 Luxe

US $25,900.00

USA United States

2019 Infiniti Q50 Luxe ...


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2014 Hyundai Veloster 2014

US $3,050.00

USA United States

Mileage: 99008 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: gasoline

2014 Hyundai Veloster Clean interior and exterior Car Has 99K Has a rebuilt salvage title been inspected and passed and has been a daily driver .. Rear bumper has some scratches if you need more photos Please ask will send .. ...


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2017 Hyundai Tucson Night 2017

US $21,488.00

USA United States

Mileage: 21730 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

Texas Auton n n n Sales Departmentn n n (855) 973-0400n n n n 11655 North Freeway n n Houston Texas ...


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2015 Hyundai Tucson SE AWD 4dr SUV 2015

US $10,997.00

USA United States

Mileage: 101348 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

2015 Hyundai Tucson n nn n Vehicle ...


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2009 Hyundai Sonata Limited 4dr Sedan 2009

US $9,999.00

USA United States

Mileage: 59141 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

2009 Hyundai Sonata n nn n Vehicle Informationn n nn n n VIN:n 5NPEU46C79H435505n n n Stock:n 435505n n n Mileage:n 59,141n n n Color:n Ebony ...


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2014 Hyundai Sonata GLS 2014

US $5,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 176500 Transmission: 6-spd w/OD Transmission Fuel Type: Gasoline

2014 HYUNDAI SONATA 4DR SDN 2.4L AUTO GLS PZEVCompletely original ONE owner freeway commuter. Mechanically perfect in all senses and drives as such. Absolutely reliable. Never abused or driven hard. Distinguished P3 Harbor Gray ...


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2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited 2018

US $19,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 48095 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

2018 Hyundai Sonata Limited 4dr Sedann nnnn n n n n n n n nn n Options and Standard Featuresn n nn n n Optionsn n n n Navigation ...


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Owner Reviews

This car is the best of the entire line of this class. Only the Lexus 570 can compare with it, but with such a configuration as the Infiniti QX56, the difference in cost can be about 2 million rubles. So whoever wants to buy a premium class car without overpayments WELCOME.

Since 2006, I have been operating Japanese Nissan and Infiniti cars, so I have the right to say that this manufacturer does not need advertising.

I have a Hi-Tech equipment (7), additionalInfiniti QX56 pluses:

This car is for those who love comfort and respect on the road;
- give way when rebuilding;
- good audio system;
- excellent sound insulation;
- a large and functional trunk;
- good overclocking characteristics;
- reliable suspension;
- a good brake system (rare replacement of pads and discs) foroh large by weight of the machine;
- excellent ventilation system;
- worthy work of active protection systems

Cons Infiniti QX56:

- fuel consumption in the urban cycle leaves much to be desired;
- a big tax
- otherwise I don’t see any shortcomings.

I repeat once again, the car is not for everyone. The car for those who want to be ahead.

Infiniti QX, 2012
This car is the best of the entire line of this class. Only the Lexus 570 can be compared with it, but with such a configuration asInfiniti QX56 difference in...

Infiniti FX, 2013
2013 car. I think one of the best cars. Comfort, reliability and everything that is said in such cases is about FX. Of course, tastes differ, but...

Infiniti QX50, 2016
In December 2016, I decided to change my wife's car. Foreshadowed replenishment in the family, decided that her Mercedes CLA 200 would not meet family needs. A crossover is needed for a young family...

Infiniti QX50, 2014
Hello! After reading othere reviews, hechetsya and their five cents to contribute for those who are considering this option. Well, I'll start with what is clear - the taste and color ... But still! If in your ...

Infiniti G, 2011
Appearance is not particularly hooked. I really liked the interior and equipment, and even attracted a discount of 120 pieces. Having studied all the nuances on the Internet, I came to the conclusion...

Infiniti QX70, 2014
I have owned this car for about a year and a half, before it was Infiniti ex 35, which my wife drove for 6 years. Very good setektation in the database, compared with classmates...

Infiniti QX50, 2015
Good afternoon! This car was purchased for my wife in March 2015. I will act as an expert, because I have traveled a lot on it. This is the smallest Infiniti crossover. The choice fell on him ...

Infiniti QX50, 2013
Cool car, especially for a girl. Very nice design and body shape. Infiniti QX50 (aka EX) is a normal car for a girl, but there will be a place for a big man, I think it’s not enough. Reliability inAbove all praise, if you take care of the car properly, the levers go 100-150 thousand. The 2.5 liter engine does not eat oil during aggressive driving. A 7-mortar box is reliable if you change the oil every 60 thousand. There are no problems with sensors if you throw rubber. If you have 2 sets on disks and acc. on all sensors, then you need to flash them, or drive with an error on the tidy. On the platform Infiniti G, the only problem is probably the rake, everyone sweats, then you need to monitor periodicallybehind the state.

Infiniti FX, 2005
The car has good acceleration dynamics, 319 horsepower is felt, it is picky in maintenance, Nissan parts, suspension, since operation is only a city - it is not possible to describe in detail. It's harsh on bumps, you need 18 tires - it will be softer. The trunk is roomy, despite the sloping rear. Shumka in the cabin at 4, good music (BOSE), consumption, if you do not pedal 14-15 in the city. In general, the car is unpretentious and the view is much better.more aggressive than subsequent brands. The brakes were immediately changed to sports because the relatives are "stupid"

Infiniti QX70, 2014
This is my first diesel car, before that there were only gasoline ones. I decided to try something new for myself. All the same, 550Nm / 2000 rpm and 2 times...

Infiniti QX50, 2014
The new Infiniti QX50 is a rare guest on our roads. It interested a lot of people, including me. Prior to that, there was a Mitsubishi Pajero. Thinking about it, I realized that there was no time to go fishing.eni...

Infiniti QX50, 2014
Buying this car, you will get not only a four-wheeled vehicle, but always positive driving emotions. I experienced this immediately after buying it, and to this day I experience it ...

Infiniti M, 2008
To everyone who is still thinking or already. Previously, he owned A4, BMW 525, 523, MV E240, LK Pradik (new) from normal. And I rode almost everything up to 100 USD, in general, there is something to compare with. Bought in the salon...

Infiniti G, 2007
Despitefor all my sympathy for this car, the circumstances are such that we have to sell it. When this car was purchased, I was embarrassed when buying ...

Infiniti QX50, 2014
I decided to shed light on this crossover, bought in March of this year. I'll start with the disadvantages. I noticed that there were few spare parts at the service when the fog light burst. Wait until it comes...

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