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Fiat For Sale In United States

There are 21 Fiat cars for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Fiat cars offered in listings in the United States.

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2016 Fiat 500 Abarth 2016

US $7,450.00

USA United States

Mileage: 40538 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

Edgarn n n (786) 460-1220n n n n n n n n n n n n n nnn n 2016 FIAT 500 Abarthn nn n Vehicle ...


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1937 Fiat Topolino Topolino Street-Rod / 5.7L 350 V8 / ... 1937

US $29,950.00

USA United States

Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

STEVE PHELPSn n n (407) 435-9745n n n n 37245 County Road 439 n n Eustis Florida ...


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1980 Fiat Spider 2000 1980

US $9,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 42986 Transmission: Manual

@import url(;nnnnnAbout this vehiclenThis 1980 Fiat Spider 2000 is an original with updates to the exterior, interior and drivetrain. The owner has had it for 4 years. The vehicle ...


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1937 Fiat Topolino Topolino Street-Rod / 5.7L 350 V8 / ... 1937

USA United States

Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

STEVE PHELPSn n n (407) 435-9745n n n n 37245 County Road 439 n n Eustis Florida ...


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1977 Fiat Other 1977

US $1,125.00

USA United States

Mileage: 40760 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

Untitled Document 1977 FIAT Pininfarina X19 ...


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1963 Fiat 1100 1963

US $7,500.00

USA United States

Mileage: 34000

1963 FIAT 1100Necker Made in GermanyOne Of a Kind – only one in USAStarts every time. Runs good.* Goes max 60 mph on the freeway* Recently replaced all 4 tires* Interior redone few years ago, clean inside* Has several rust spots on the ...


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1968 Fiat Dino 1968

US $35,000.00

USA United States

Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

This sale is for a COMPLETE but disassembledncar. All components have been meticulously catalogued and photographed duringnthe disassembling process. (over 200 men hours)nnThe Bare body was dipped to barenmetal to assure all paint, ...


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1963 Fiat Viotti 1963

US $24,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 61000 Fuel Type: Gasoline

1963 Fiat 600 Viotti CoupeThis 1963 Fiat Viotti 600 Coupe is an extremely rare find. The rumor is there are only around 14 of these Viotti’s left in existence, with less than 100 of them made in total! The legendary Italian coachbuilder ...


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1978 Fiat 850 1978

US $12,500.00

USA United States

Mileage: 75000

Fiat 850TC Abarth ReplicaThis Abarth replica is inspired by the 850TC Berlina model from the last century 60s. The original body is Zastava 750, which is very close by type of the then known Fiat 600 that is used for the further development ...


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2013 Fiat 500 2013

US $3,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 43204 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Electric

2nd owner. The paint is bright/not faded, looks new, interior white with orange accent. The car is is excellent condition showing minimal wear for age. New tires and windshield wipers. Purchased Fiat in Feb 2017 with 29663 miles. Car was ...


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Owner Reviews

I bought it in the summer of '11. Needed a car to travel to and from work and on weekends in the shopping center, to the country and the little things. Buying a cool expensive car for this is like hammering nails with an iPhone. Before that, I went to a car dealership for a test drive. Impressions - none. And what else can you expect from a car if you are an amateur and not a pro. But there were no "live" classmates in nature. And then ... a month later I was driving a Tatar fiat. Tatars get chak-chak, but Fiat doesn't.

"Wooden" rolling seats. Bokovoh no support. It's good for the driver - he keeps behind the wheel. But the passenger next to him is bad. From the very beginning, something rattled in the driver's door. The torpedo creaked and rattled. LCP - none. About how to wipe with a cloth - and there could be no question. And this despite the fact that the coating is metallic. The thickness of the iron is on a tin can and even thicker. The annotation spoke of a huge trunk. But you can only carry potatoes in it. The trunk opening was very narrow. Carry something other than a suitcase and a meshka potatoes turned out to be impossible. In addition, the spare wheel, jack and so on lie at the bottom here. I remembered my father's six, where in order to get the tool it was not necessary to unload the trunk. And here ... Well, it's like taking off your shoes every time you are going to pee. Also in the annotation it was said about the huge clearance, which turned out to be a blatant lie. Yes, the ground clearance is 17 cm, but not under the engine. There, after installing the protection ... In short, I hooked everything that could be hooked like some kind of puffer, and in the winter I sat downon this protection repeatedly.

Gasoline consumption. It is certainly not the declared 5 liters. 5 liters is the consumption in 4th gear at a speed of 90 on a horizontal road and without cargo and passengers. It’s worth the road a little uphill or putting passengers on board - the on-board computer shows 10-12 or even all 15 liters. Well, the tank is smaller than that of classmates. only 39 liters versus 55 for most.

Dynamics. Retired. Quiet slow ride. It is impossible to overtake anyone on the track at 90 in fifth. comeelk switch to 4 to accelerate the car and only then overtake. And if you go uphill - then 3.

Service at the official dealer "Interpartner". Who turned out to be a petty crook, like all the officials. In short, in order to remove the oil filter, each time they wrote that they were removing the engine protection, winding up 2500 on this order. They have such a horse price tag. In fact, there was a hole in the protection that was closed with a protective plug just for changing the oil filter. Well, wash the car before maintenanceliving they cost 5!!! times more expensive in the city. In short, having changed the oil for the last time at the third MOT for 13800, I began to change it in Maslyonkin for 1400. Moreover, this money included the brand name synthetic oil itself and the oil filter. Well, time. In "Maslyonkino" the master did everything in half an hour in front of you - in "Interpartner" he left the car for almost a day - so they wound up standard hours.

Operation revealed a number of unpleasant moments. So when driving through puddles, which on our roads are the norm of water andFor some reason, it flew under the wheels not to the sides, but to the windshield, blinding the driver.

Winter operation added another unpleasant bun. Since my car lived near the house and never saw a garage, in frosts under 30 in the first year, the "pig" caught fire.

After talking with my fellow tribesmen, I found out that this is not a disease of all but most of "Albey" On the sensor oxygen enter crankcase ventilation gases and cold air from the street. As a result, the sensor is covered with ice mixture. Twisting, washingsh in alcohol and alga. Albea does not have a winter-summer switch. This trouble is treated by warming the engine and installing a tenth corrugation. You push one end of the corrugation into the airbox - you tie the second one closer to the outlet manifold - and the problem is gone.

In the first year, the washer reservoir froze. The freezer turned out to be a freezer. If on our basins the problem was solved simply: he easily removed the tank, brought it into heat and thawed it - then here, in order to do this simple operation, you need to disassemble half the car. disassemble notbecame. The warmth helped. And a liter of pure alcohol.

In addition, the line through which this anti-freeze flows on the glass is laid in some very interesting way. The alcohol from the anti-freeze in the line evaporates and once frozen in the tube, it is not warmed by the heat from the engine, as it is laid outside the engine compartment.

The machine itself turned out to be unusually rolled. So if a Kamaz was driving towards you, then when you passed it, you kind of bumped into a wall and the car swayed noticeably.

Distancebetween the head and the ceiling in winter was reduced to a minimum, and in the very first year I bruised the ceiling with a hat. Although my height is only 178.

The muffler burned out at 70 thousand. And then another flight of the authors' design ideas surfaced. It turned out that the muffler changes only by welding! Oh how! But this is not the only one. When I switched to self-service, it turned out that the designer was so stuffed with the cabin filter that you can remove it .. no, not even cancer. ) Much cooler. Especially if there is no lift. )

Welland the air filter housing has such a delicate fragile “pimp”, which is worthless to break off if you don’t know the secret. ) And the replacement of candles on Albey is a separate story! To remove them, you need to disassemble half the engine - this is how they are hidden. Thank God they left me for 6 years without replacement, after the last change at the official.

Now about the pleasant. Excellent grippy brakes. Very accommodating engine. In addition, it is omnivorous and does not eat oil. Long passes. Relatively quiet in the cabin. Pleasant coday. It's pleasant. Not zhruschy gasoline, and not freezing. And blowing slightly cool air. On other cars, drivers in the heat caught a cold from the air conditioner, I never did. Worked without refueling all 9 years before selling the car. Very economical brakes. For more than 70 thousand, they did not wear down even by a third. What can not be said about ball and rubber bands. They withstood 50 thousand. But these are our roads. But when replacing ball and rubber bands, it turned out that the price tag on them is horse compared to classmates.

The car is greatny light. The far one turns on simultaneously with the near one, which, together with the fog lights, gives excellent illumination of the road.

The cabin filter works great. There is really no dust in the cabin. Getting into the car is comfortable.
And the most important advantage of this car: double galvanized galvanized body. Because of which I generally bought it. For 9 years, not a single saffron milk cap. A neighbor bought Kalina, the second neighbor - Matiz. Kalina rotted in 5 years, at Matiz the thresholds and arches fell out in 4. With everyday use.

In the second year of operation there was an unpleasant incident. The car was in the yard and some yagmat sidecar stripped the paintwork in the area of ​​the left rear wing to the metal. It so happened that I went with bare metal about 12 by 5 cm in size for almost a couple of months until I painted it over. Not a single camelina.

Pirelli's native rubber lasted 9 years. After 9 years of operation, when it took significant injections into the next routine maintenance, I sold this device.

Fiat Albea, 2011
Bought in the summer of 11Oh yeah. Needed a car to travel to and from work and on weekends in the shopping center, to the country and the little things. Buying a cool expensive car for this is like hammering nails with an iPhone...

Fiat Ducato, 2017
. I counted on him as a faithful companion in business. In general, the car is not bad, roomy ...

Fiat Ducato, 2004
To begin with, the purchase was more or less spontaneous, prOsto in one period in the family decided that it was stupid to buy a car that would not bring money yes ...

Fiat Tipo, 1990
Here is my story of owning this car. The choice fell on him by chance - the budget played a big role (up to 1500 dollars). I took a tipar for 1200 and then my story began. After the purchase, it was decided to run in...

Fiat Scudo, 2014
I really wanted to try Fiat, first of all, because of the reviews. Kum bought a Punto for his wife, but occasionally he went himself. He liked the car, it was drivinggko. And two years ago I needed...

Fiat Ducato, 2016
Everything is fine for me, another question is what do you expect from a car. - Warm in winter already after launch, the webasto costs 5 kW, - Comfortable to drive, due to the smooth switching of the gearbox and ...

Fiat Ducato, 2014
I bought a car for work, but changed the field of activity. This is the first time I have had such a car, at first I am impressed by the dimensions, although then you quickly get used to it. Considering that the new car is going like clockwork, it is managedand light despite the size. If necessary, it can fly :) The salon is very cozy, everything is at hand (the most satisfied from such a machine is a child). In the back, everything is sheathed with wood, there is a lot of space. In general, impressions of the truck, though not big but the most positive. Great working machine.

Fiat Freemont, 2014
Hello everyone! Bought this car in May of this year from OD. Complete set maximum, all kinds of equipment missing. I don’t understand why overpay for a brand when there is such atax...

Fiat Ducato, 2010
The car is very simple and easy to drive. Good and easy to move, both empty and loaded. Drives easily in winter and summer, very economical...

Fiat Ducato, 1995
Owned car since 2000, irreplaceable for business and private home. Allows you to transport quite calmly a huge amount of various cargo (including 6-meter whips!) without violating traffic rules! The open body allows you to earn extra money for the delivery of any cargo. Frontny drive in the winter raises any hill without problems.

Fiat Freemont, 2013
When buying a crossover, I preferred a roomy interior and design, but I don’t drive through mud. The family is big, so only the 7-seat version was needed and the Fiat Freemont lounge fell...

Fiat Freemont, 2013
I bought it last year in the basic configuration. Salon 5-seater, armrest, cruise control, bluetooth, multifunction steering wheel. In Russia, dealers sell Fiat Freemont only with engine 2.4 reviews were...

Fiat Ducato, 2002
Great car for both business and personal use. Car for all occasions. The car is very good, despite the fact that it was assembled in Russia. The body is galvanized. Price, freebie. Fuel consumption, as in a passenger car. Even in cold weather, consumption in the city does not exceed 9.5 liters (with the engine warming up). The machine is very satisfied. At -17 degrees, it starts with a half-poke. Doors whistled at a speed of 120 km / h. The problem was solved without difficulty. Hand twenty thousand there was a knock from the front. It also turned out to be easy. Our assemblers poorly tightened the anti-roll bar. In general, I'm satisfied.

Fiat Scudo, 2006
The car was purchased not by chance, as the father had the same one. I bought a car with the expectation of transporting light but bulky goods, and for long-distance trips for my trading needs, the car was taken ...

Fiat Doblo, 2014
I decided to leave my review about this barn. I bought for business needs, but it turned out to be forfamily. Complete set with two sliding doors. Inside the Fiat Doblo 1.4 as in the Gazelle, even...

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