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Datsun For Sale In United States

There are 21 Datsun cars for sale today. Latest new, used and classic Datsun cars offered in listings in the United States.

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1969 Datsun 2000 1969

US $16,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 7204 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

This 1969 Datsun 2000 has been fully restored to pristine condition and has only had 7k miles put on the freshly rebuilt drivetrain. This Fairlady Roadster has a 2.0L inline 4 cylinder mated to a 5 speed manual transmission. with 140 hp in a ...


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1971 Datsun 510 510 1971

US $52,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 59363 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

1971 Datsun 510, Extensive performance-oriented restoration Rebello built 2.4L stroker, 5-speed, LSD, Watanabe wheels, Mikuni Side Draft Carburetors, California Car. This phenomenal ’71 Datsun 510 is most likely the best and ...


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1974 Datsun Pickup 1974

US $6,100.00

USA United States

Mileage: 55824 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

1974 Datsun 620, 4 speed Pickup. Body Off Resotmod. When I first set eyes on this Datsun Classic, I was sold simply on what I could see from the top side. I did not expect to learn that the body was removed from the frame, so restoration could be ...


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1972 Datsun 510 1972

US $10,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 56000 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

@import url(;nnnnnAbout this vehiclenThis 1972 Datsun 510 is an original with updates to the exterior. The owner has had it for 4 years. The vehicle is drivable and is mainly used for ...


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1984 Datsun Z-Series 1984

USA United States

Mileage: 79000 Transmission: Manual

1984 Datsun Z-Series ...


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1979 Datsun Z-Series 32k Original Miles 1979

US $3,383.00

USA United States

Mileage: 32382 Transmission: Automatic Fuel Type: Gasoline

Clint or Mark R.n n n (636) 940-9969n n n n 427 Little Hills Ind Blvd n n St Charles Missouri ...


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1968 Datsun 1600 roadster 1968

US $3,980.00

USA United States

Mileage: 97000

Here is an 1968 Datsun 1600 Roadster Project.It has been off the road for many years. It does however run & drive. It is a pretty solid car other than the surface rust. The frame is solid, still has some of the undercoating on the chassis. ...


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1969 Datsun roadster srl311 1969

US $2,750.00

USA United States

Mileage: 74000 Transmission: Manual Fuel Type: Gasoline

@import url(;nnnnAbout this vehiclenThis 1969 Datsun roadster is a project vehicle. The owner has had it for 2 years. The vehicle needs work and is mainly used for weekend ...


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1971 Datsun Z-Series 1971

USA United States

Mileage: 6850

Datsun 240Z 1971. Matching numbers, original California BLUE plates. Painted in the original yellow color code 919. Interior refitted, new carpets throughout. Seats stripped and re belted, frames sealed, new sponge and new ...


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1980 Datsun Z-Series 1980

US $12,000.00

USA United States

Mileage: 159902 Transmission: Manual

One of a kind! 1980 280ZX Anniversary Edition. This is number 33 of 2500 Black/Gold ever made. Manufacture date is January of 1980. I only know of 4 with a lower number.Very good condition. Mostly original. Runs and drives runs good Just ...


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Owner Reviews

The car was purchased in December 2017. The choice was between Grant, Vesta and Datsun. Before that, I had experience driving a VAZ-2106, Kalina and Golf.

The choice was made based on the quality of the automatic gearbox, a comparable price and an estimate of future maintenance costs (the automatic machine went at the price of mechanics).

< p> Upon purchase, a radio, crankcase protection and an alarm system with feedback were additionally installed.

I was impressed by the high seating position (the body is higher than most parebriks and it is convenient to park in reverse). Very capaciousth trunk - a stroller for twins and a couple of suitcases - just fly in.

Quick start and speed up (up to 60 accelerates in a few seconds), but noisy when driving. When slipping in the snow or on the sand, it was possible to get out quite easily in a lower gear. Fuel consumption in winter at an accelerated pace of driving and in traffic jams in the city within 12.8-14 l / 100 km is a bit much.

There is not enough steering wheel heating in winter - a fur pad on the steering wheel saves.
Never topped up oil before MOT, or brake, nand antifreeze.

On TO-1 (passed only 1 time, until TO-2 has not yet reached) there were only regular work on changing the oil, filter, etc.

Datsun on-DO, 2017
Purchased in December 2017. The choice was between Grant, Vesta and Datsun. Prior to this, there was an experience of driving a VAZ-2106, Kalina and Golf. The choice was made based on...

Datsun on-DO, 2016
I don't own our Datsun - it's registered to my father - but I have to drive it often. I help in the country, I bring my mother, my younger brotherand training, so I often encounter. Decided...

Datsun mi-Do, 2016
Before Datsun, I owned different cars: I had a Smart, a voluminous Qashqai, and a munching Boomer. Therefore, I leave a specific and detailed review. At first, it seemed to me that there was very little space. But it turned out...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
After the forced sale of the previous car, I had to look for something cheap used to drive. In one car dealership, I came across an ondo, which was handed over to the trade after a year of operation.

Datsun mi-Do, 2018
I live alone, so I don't need a particularly large car. At first I was looking for a used golf-class hatchback, but after looking at several cars I realized that I had to take a new one. Here are just the prices...

Datsun on-DO, 2015
I searched for a long time among used foreign cars, but decided that rather than buying a rusty foreign car with an incomprehensible history, it is better to buy a new one and with a guarantee . I read a lot of different reviews on Datsun, but decided to try...

Datsun on-DO, 2015
ServiceI can’t really say anything for vanity, for 15,000 runs, the light bulb just burned out, that’s all. I tried to describe the pros and cons in detail below. A car for those who don't turn up their noses at ...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
Fairly manoeuvrable, fast in cramped and limited conditions, relatively small turning radius. The driving comfort is felt right away...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
I bought this car at the end of 2014, when all the cars disappeared from showrooms completely. And before thatAino back in the summer of 2014, with a friend entered the Datsun showroom...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
A week ago, I became the owner of this novelty in the Access package. Before that, there was a VAZ 2112, which pretty much frayed its nerves with its breakdowns. Datsun on-DO surprised me with its noise - wheels in general...

Datsun on-DO, 2015
The car is very good for its price. All you need. The price and quality are quite irrational, given that this is a Japanese brand. Datsunchiki are going to Togliatti, in general, as I was toldand...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
I was going to buy the brainchild of AvtoVAZ at the beginning of the year, but could not decide which one. Granta is clumsy, Kalina 2 is small, so a Datsun car was expected - according to forecasts, a more advanced one ...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
Not a bad car! I was convinced of this when the company bought a new Datsun, and I drove it as a driver for 3000 km. The suspension is clear, the clearance allows you to feel calmer on the roads ...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
ClaimAl to myself a domestic car for a couple of years. I wanted something modern, in a good configuration. Twisting his nose, he took the Datsun to it in the "sweet" dream configuration, created specially ...

Datsun on-DO, 2014
I am writing a review about the car for the first time, so do not swear too much if someone doesn't like it. In general, I work as a taxi driver, so I chose a cheap car, well, more or less comfortable ...

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