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River Island Womens Blue Button Front Denim Mini Skirt

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 22.06.2021
Car location: UK, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Condition:New with tags
Brand:River Island
Pattern:No Pattern
Season:Spring, Summer
Skirt Length:Short
Fabric Type:Denim
Occasion:Casual, Party/Cocktail, Travel
Size Type:Regular
Garment Care:Machine Washable
Item status:In archive
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River Island Womens Blue Button Front Denim Mini Skirt photo 1

Owner description

Customer SupportMessage Us Click to MenuWomen Bags & AccessoriesAccessoriesBags & PursesBeltsFace MasksHair AccessoriesHats, Scarves & GlovesJewelleryClothingBlazersBlouses & ShirtsCoats & JacketsDenimDressesHoodies & SweatsJeansJoggersJumpers & CardigansLingerieLoungewearMatching Sets & CoordinatesNightwear & SlippersPlaysuits & JumpsuitsShortsSkirtsSocks & TightsSwimwear & BeachwearT-shirts & VestsTopsTrousersShoes & BootsBootsHeelsSandalsShoesSlippers & SlidersTrainersWedgesWide Fit ShoesMen AccessoriesBagsBeltsFace MasksHatsJewellery & WatchesSunglassesTies & Formal AccessoriesWalletsClothingBlazersCoats & JacketsHoodies & SweatshirtsJeansJoggersJumpers & Roll NecksLoungewear & PyjamasMultipacksPolo ShirtsShacketsShirtsShorts & SwimsSuitT-shirts & VestsTopsTracksuits & Matching SetsTrousers & ChinosUnderwear & SocksShoes & BootsBootsLoafersSlippers & SlidersSmart ShoesTrainers River Island Womens Blue Button Front Denim Mini Skirt
River Island Womens Blue Button Front Denim Mini Skirt Size GuideAbout UsLove fashion. Love River Island.With over 30 years on the high street, River Island has long been a fashion favourite.All about sharing the joy of fashion, RI celebrates what makes people and their style unique. Offering 24/7 looks, discover all you need for living, lounging and everything in between. From stand-out WFH wear to perfect fit denim, luxe loungewear and statement bags and shoes, create a look that’s uniquely you.Great design is the heart of the River Island brand, with almost all products designed in-house (by one of the largest design teams on the high street). Famous for taking the latest trends and giving them an iconic twist, you'll always find style as individual as you are.Delivery infoAll orders received by 1pm will be despatched the same day.Orders received after 1pm will be despatched next day.ReturnsWe offer 30 days return policy on all our items.HelpPlease contact us via eBay message.Love fashion. Love River Island.Our StoreWomenMenGirlsBoysNewsletterSign up for the latest fashionand offersSign UpNeed Help?Customer SupportMessage Us Copyright © River Island

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