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2009 Renault Clio Used

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 14.04.2021
Car location: Wigan, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

V5 Registration Document:Present
Service History Available:Yes
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2009 Renault Clio Used photo 1
2009 Renault Clio Used photo 22009 Renault Clio Used photo 32009 Renault Clio Used photo 42009 Renault Clio Used photo 52009 Renault Clio Used photo 62009 Renault Clio Used photo 72009 Renault Clio Used photo 82009 Renault Clio Used photo 92009 Renault Clio Used photo 10

Owner description

Renault Clio RS200 Track Car
December 2009 (59 Plate)
55K with History, Finished in Glacier white, Cup wheels with Toyo Proxies (good tread)
2.0 N/A Renault Sport engine producing 200BHP (probably more due to exhaust and air box and remap)
6 speed Silky smooth gearbox (no crunches)
Red Brembo Calipers with almost new PBS race/Track pads front and rear
MOT has expired but can be MOT should the buyer wish
# Track Modifications
# Fully Stripped out interior# Stripped Dashboard# Heater box removed (race heater/fan fitted)# Carpets and trim removed# Fully polybushed wishbones, ARB, Anti-Lift rear beam# Engine mounts polybushed# H&R Springs on Clio Cup Shocks# OMP Bolt in bucket seats with safety harnesses# Oulton half roll cage bolted in with spreader plates# Carbon gear lever extension# V6 Air box with correct cold air feed# Rear hatch aero catches no electrics# Rear wiper removed# Light weight door panels# Track day door strap# Push button start retaining original Renault key# Full Toyo Manifold with decat pipe# Stainless steel custom exhaust (meets trackday noise levels even at donnigton park)
Ideal trackday car for the new season.
Payment is cash on collection or bank transfer, no overseas buyers or agencies please, vehicle will only be released once monies are cleared in our account, strictly no part exchange

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