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RARE 2012 VE SS Z Series Commodore MY12.5 not VF SSV HSV Clubsport R8

Sale price: $AU 35,000.00
Last update: 27.10.2021
Car location: Eagle Vale, Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

*Future Collectors Car* *Rare Chlorophyll Colour*
Up for sale is my much loved VE Series II SS Z MY12.5 Commodore in the attention grabbing factory standard Chlorophyll (Blue/Green) paint job.One of the last VE SS commodores produced, this car features the Z series package, with upgraded rear camera and parking assist , interior styling and badges throughout. If you want your next car to be a standout from the norm, the combo of Z Series upgrade and amazing Chlorophyll paint job as factory standard definitely puts this car on the rarer side.
*Car has been serviced regularly*
Features:- 6L V8 producing 270kw and 515nm @4400rpm (all that grunt down low when you need it)- AFM Active Fuel Management. This car is Flexi Fuel capable, meaning this car is able to take E85 racing fuel as standard with a significant performance increase. AFM also gives this car great fuel economy (4 cylinders shut off when cruising) I consistently get 600-660kms per tank - even more when on long trips.- Cruise Control- Bluetooth connectivity- USB audio input- Tinted windows all round- Upgraded 20" Black Alloy Wheels- Lowered springs (paired with the wheels give a very aggressive stance)- Brand new disc brake rotors and pads front an back (installed 20,000km ago)- Brand new Engine Mounts (installed 20,000kms ago)- 4 new Tyres (2 approx. 50,000kms old, 2 less than 10,000kms old)- Dual Zone Climate control. AC serviced and re-gassed mid April 2021 with new condenser and high side AC line installed.-Car will be sold with 6 months rego.
SAFETY FEATURESThis car has 6 airbags fitted for your safety with an ANCAP safety rating of 5.
$35,000 or nearest offer. Put your mind at ease with an included roadworthy certificate.

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