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Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac

Sale price: $AU 46,000.00
Last update: 9.04.2021
Car location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:Collector Cars
For Sale by:Dealer
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
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Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 1
Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 2Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 3Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 4Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 5Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 6Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 7Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 8Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 9Pontiac Bonneville pillarless sedan 389 V8 325hp suit 65 66 67 Impala Cadillac photo 10

Owner description

1966 Pontiac
Bonneville Brougham
You are looking at
what could potentially be the world’s lowest mile and most original 1966
Pontiac Bonneville Brougham pillarless hardtop. This big girl was purchased new
by Mr Donald Fischer from Mielke Motor Co. in Seymour, Wisconsin in 1966 who
lovingly caring for it until 2016 when he unfortunately passed. The car was
then purchased from the estate by an elderly couple who were car collectors
from Idaho. It is documented that the 21,400 miles showing on the odometer at
the time of sale was the actual original miles. The car was then purchased by
its current Australian owner imported into the country in 2018. The original
owner rarely drove the car and it appears to have been carefully stored indoors
on jack stands for many years.
At the heart of this
Bonneville is the factory original 389ci (325 Horsepower!!) “YE” Code V8 engine
that runs super smooth. From all accounts it is believed that it retains the
original 4 barrel intake manifold, exhaust manifolds, valve covers, air cleaner
housing and the original 4 barrel carburettor. The engine is backed by a smooth
TH400 Three speed Turbo Hydra-Matic automatic transmission.
The body is super
solid and very straight especially for a car that hasn’t been fully restored.
The “N-A” code Burgundy Red and Starlight Black exterior finish is in very good
condition and while we suspect it has had some minor renovation over the years,
it shows only minor wear, small chips and imperfections up close but still
looks bright and shines nicely.
Inside is where the
condition of this car is most obvious, the car has an immaculate and factory
original Code “558” Plum Cloth and Vinyl luxury Bonneville Brougham interior.
The trim is near faultless and in a super cool original pattern. The dash pad
is totally crack free and the gauges and wood grain veneer look like the day
they left the factory. It would be hard to imagine finding a higher quality
standard trim in any Pontiac of this era. The car came nicely equipped from the
factory including factory power brakes, factory power steering, factory front
wing windows, factory power wipers, original driver’s side view remote exterior
mirror, good heater and defroster, working original Pontiac AM radio, factory
gauge clusters with 120 MPH speedometer, original clock (which is no longer
working), factory front and rear seat belts, original Pontiac floor mats,
factory back up lights and factory fender skirts.
The car starts
straight up without fuss and runs so smoothly you could be forgiven if you
didn’t realise the engine was running. This car would make a great family
cruiser or collector car and wouldn’t look out of place in any museum. Original
low mileage cars like this are so hard to come by these days and this car is an
absolute time warp back to 1966.NEW STOCK DROPS THE FIRST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH AND THE DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 8AM TO 2PM. OTHERWISE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY FOR GENUINE VEHICLE INQUIRIES/INSPECTIONS TUESDAY TO SATURDAY ALL OTHER TIMES, PLEASE CALL LOCKY MCCANN WITH INQUIRIES OR TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO VIEW ON [hidden information]GOT A CLASSIC CAR TO CONSIGN OR SELL? PLEASE CONTACT BEN ATKINSON ON [hidden information]Located at 2 Palings Court, Nerang on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Inspections by appointment only. We are also practising social distancing so please be mindful of the 1.5m rule.PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle is being sold on consignment, consignment vehicles are sold as is without registration unless otherwise stated and there is no cooling off period or warranty expressed written or implied by the consignee. Information is provided to us by the consignee and is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to purchase based upon that judgement solely.

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