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Nissan Tiida 2007 Auto 1.8

Sale price: $AU 6,750.00
Last update: 18.07.2021
Car location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Fuel Type:Petrol
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:FWD
Cylinders:4 cylinder
Body Type:Hatchback
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Great condition inside and out 160klm 4 new tyres”
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Nissan Tiida 2007 Auto 1.8 photo 1
Nissan Tiida 2007 Auto 1.8 photo 2Nissan Tiida 2007 Auto 1.8 photo 3

Owner description

2007 Nissan Tiida Hatch 1.8 Auto 160klms4 new tyres clean car inside and outRuns and drives like a new carWill come with rego and rwcExcellent first car.. second family car.Will assist intestate buyers butAll costs to be paid by purchaserPhotos form part of desciptionLow ballers ignoredNon paying bidders reported to ebay.

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