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My 2008 Nissan Navara ST-X Auto Turbo Diesel D40 Dual Cab

Sale price: $AU 13,900.00
Last update: 27.10.2020
Car location: Albury, New South Wales, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Fuel Type:Diesel
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:4WD
Body Type:Dual Cab
For Sale by:Private Seller
Featured Refinements:Nissan Navara D40
:“Excellent all Round Condition Nissan Navara ST-X dual cab 2.5 lt Turbo Diesel automatic fitted with heavy duty tow bar, alloy sports bar, alloy nudge bar, Spot Lights, tub liner, Flake Ultimate Canopy with Lockable Side and Back Window, 4 X Rhino Roof Racks, Hayman Reese Output, alloy wheels and side steps. This very tidy ute has cruise control and rego till June 2021. Thats more than 8 Months Left. Call or message and make your enquiry today.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Nissan Navara ST-X dual cab 2.5 lt Diesel automatic with 269k on the Clock. Its fitted with heavy duty tow bar, alloy sports bar, alloy nudge bar, Spot Lights, tub liner, Flake Ultimate Canopy with Lockable Side and Back Window, 4 X Rhino Roof Racks, Hayman Reese Output, alloy wheels with Plenty of Tyre Tread Left, and side steps. This very tidy ute has cruise control and rego till June 2021. Thats more than 8 Months Left. Call or message and make your enquiry today.
Price is Negotiable so Make A Offer.
Pickup Location is Albury NSW.

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