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Mitishibi 4x4

Sale price: $AU 8,500.00
Last update: 22.04.2021
Car location: Stratford, VIC, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Fuel Type:Diesel
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Drive Type:4WD
Cylinders:4 cylinders
Body Type:Utility
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Good condition”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

This 2011 Mitishibi Triton 4x4 is an unfinished project and selling as is. The dash instruments are not working, missing the spare wheel and jack. Drives and runs well. Approximately 185,000 klms. Selling As Is.

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