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Honda: Civic TYPE R

Sale price: $C 29,999.00
Last update: 31.10.2021
Car location: mississauga, Canada

Technical specifications, photos and description:

:“* AMAZING CONDITION ZERO RUST WITH ONLY 49,000 MILES OR 79,000 KM! CLEAN TITLE, NO ACCIDENTS, ORIGINAL PAINT. NEVER WINTER DRIVEN!”Year:2002VIN (Vehicle Identification Number):EP1001218Mileage:79000Engine:IVTECHTrim:TYPE RPower Options:Air Conditioning, Power Locks, Power WindowsTransmission:ManualModel:CivicFuel Type:GasolineDrive Side:Right-hand driveInterior Color:RedMake:HondaJdm import ,collectors choice, type r:Original ep3 2002 type r japanDrive Type:FWDFor Sale By:Private SellerBody Type:HatchbackExterior Color:White

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Item location: mississauga, Canada

Shipping to: Americas, United Kingdom

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49000 MILES OR 79000 KM
Payments in what way you want to pay , let us know.
YouTube video of vechile

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