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Holden Torana LX SLR 5000 Tribute, 308 V8, Trimatic, White, Hotwires

Sale price: $AU 89,000.00
Last update: 14.11.2020
Car location: St CLAIR, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Holden Torana LX SLR 5000 Tribute, 1976, 308, Auto Trimatic, Banjo, ImmaculateBody:No rust, new 2 pak paint, Cotillion White, SLR 5000 colour scheme and flare kit. New rubbers throughout the entire car. SLR style side mirrorsPresents beautifully.Engine/Box/Diff308 motor with flat top pistons and rods, big 6 litre sump, good heads, Yella Terra shaft rockers, single plane manifold, 650 Holley, electronic ignition with approx 350 HP. Reco Trimatic Automatic with shift kit and 2800 Converter, with factory Torana shifter.Factory Banjo Diff, with no issues, copes with the power fine and is very smooth.Suspension:New Springs, new Shocks, completely rebuilt V8 front suspension with new bushes, ball joints, and rubbers throughout. Powder coated in metal fleck colour.Brakes:New Master Cylinder, New drum Cylinders, Rebuilt front Torana V8 Girlock brakes, new bearings. New brakes both front and rear.Wheels:Hotwire Wheels 17*10 rear 17*7 front. Tyres 255 rear 225 front.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Holden Torana LX SLR 5000 Tribute, 1976, 308, Auto Trimatic,
Banjo, Immaculate
No rust, new 2 pak paint, Cotillion White, SLR 5000 colour
scheme and flare kit. New rubbers throughout the entire car. SLR style side mirrors.Note: The holes on the front nose cone in these pictures have been deleted..Can send recent pics upon genuine request.
Presents beautifully.
308 motor with flat top pistons, big 6 litre sump,
good heads, Yella Terra shaft rockers, single plane manifold, 650 Holley, electronic
ignition, approx 350 HP.
Reco Trimatic Automatic with shift kit and 2800 Converter, with
factory Torana shifter.
Factory Banjo Diff, with no issues, copes with the power
fine and is very smooth.
New Springs, new Shocks, completely rebuilt V8 front
suspension with new bushes, ball joints, and rubbers throughout. Powder coated
in metal fleck colour.
New Master Cylinder, New drum Cylinders, Rebuilt front Torana
V8 Girlock brakes, new bearings. New brake lines both front and rear.
Hotwire Wheels 17*10 rear 17*7 front. Tyres 255 rear 225
front. Wheels are gorgeous and suit the car perfectly.
All new, LX SLR interior, with Grey Golf Ball insert. New
Console, New Door trims, roof lining, new Seat Covers, new Seat belts, SLR
Steering Wheel. Professional re-trim work. Dash is factory SL (no tacho).
This car is Beautiful!!
Ground up rebuild with everything rebuilt bought new and/or cleaned up.
It started life as an L19 and the body was very solid.
Everything has been stripped and reassembled with V8 components.
A thorough fresh build that can cost up to 100k just in parts
and labour alone let alone the time effort, headaches and finding a decent shell. It drives great, is reliable,
strong and has great performance. The auto has strong shift and the car feels
very tight.
It is built to last and gets compliments everywhere it goes.
These cars are getting rare and many people are holding on to them. The LX Torana will only go up in value and you are assured of a secure and enjoyable investment
especially being an SLR Replica. You can’t go wrong with these classic appreciating
Australian classics and very hard to find one that have a complete ground up
rebuild. Good luck to the buyer of this one, you are sure of a sound investment that will only make money into the future...

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