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Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT

Sale price: $AU 36,000.00
Last update: 13.04.2021
Car location: Perth, WA, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:Collector Cars
Featured Refinements:Holden Commodore VN SS
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Excellent Original Condition - Rare SV100 & Power Pack Options”
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Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 1
Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 2Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 3Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 4Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 5Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 6Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 7Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 8Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 9Holden Commodore VN SS 1990 SV100 - Atlas Grey - GTS Senator Clubsport HSV HDT photo 10

Owner description

Atlas Grey
4 speed automatic
185kw SV100 enhanced Build #E711
Factory Power Pack: Electric windows, Cruise control
SV100 Features:
Sunroof, Momo Steering Wheel, HSV Airbox, Recalibrated ECM, Recalibrated Automatic
brand new Koni yellow shocks (adjustable)
brand new Lovells springs (original FE2's retained)
brand new nolathane bushes throughout
brand new radiator
brand new discs, pads & fluid
Full service, all fluids including gearbox, diff (LSD works perfectly)
New hoses, belts and filters throughout
S3 Calais binnacle (have original)
Car is in complete working order
remote alarm with central locking
aftermarket head unit (have original), amplifier and subwoofer box (removable)
No dash or door cracks, always garaged from new.
Interior trim/door & window rubbers in excellent condition
Well maintained example of a modern classic in unmolested original condition
No accident history, always garaged, always in long term storage.
I am the second owner.
No books.
Considerable time spent finding this original example.
No swaps or trades.
Interstate transport can be arranged at an additional cost.
Thanks for looking.
Walkaround videos available on request.
I reserve the right to end this listing at any time, sold as-is.

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