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Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro

Sale price: $AU 11,250.00
Last update: 9.04.2021
Car location: Pambula, NSW, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Featured Refinements:Holden One Tonner
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Suit restoration or parts”
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Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 1
Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 2Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 3Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 4Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 5Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 6Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 7Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 8Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 9Holden 1 ton ute V8 308 Turbo 400 9inch diff gst dash mags hg ht hk hq ss monaro photo 10

Owner description

HJ TONNER.started out as a 6 cyl now has all the good gear.We purchased to do a family resto but have come to the reality that a Stationwagon or sedan are more favourable.If you have either in a early holden from hk upwards in a sedan,wagon we could certainly chat .This ute isn't a jump in and drive vehicle.It needs full restoration.Some features as as follows.
* V8 308 has miss down low suspect leads, inlet leak etc,as edelbrock manifold had been fitted.Very responsive engine*New Quadrajet carburetor.*Edelbrock inlet manifold.* Extractors.* Chrome rocker covers etc.
TURBO 400 T- bar shifer.* Snappy* Smooth swift gear changes*Transmission cooler fitted .
Ford 9inch diffUnsure of ratio ,was told bye previous owner they suspected 3.5Pedders suspension, heavy springs.Deep dish Armorlite wheels very deep dish .As stated the ute needs a full cosmetic restoration that will include rust repair ie passengers floor has a hole certainly repairable. Scuttle,sills roof from car cover .Paintwork is poor over complete vehicle.Ute may be sold or traded on Wagon or Sedan prior to Auction completion.Once again ute either needs big restoration or use as parts as plenty of good gear .Happy to let you view it .O[hidden information]

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