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HJ Windowless Panelvan, Absinth Yellow, Holden Sandman Tribute option GTS Monaro

Sale price: $AU 4,800.00
Last update: 19.05.2020
Car location: Torquay, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Date of Manufacture:197600
Type of Title:Clear
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“RARE WINDOWLESS HJ Panelvan. Plates are highly desirable “Absinth Yellow” Comes with a 253 V8, M20 4spd, Originally 6cyl Melbourne build.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Plates are highly desirable “Absinth
Comes with a 253 V8, M20 4spd,Originally 6 cyl, Melbourne build
EXCELLENT colour for a worthy project investment
or as a Sandman Tribute.
This is a rolling project, and it requires additional
parts for completion (eg: donor car)
Photos detail what is included(Note no upper tailgate, chrome, bumpers etc)
BODY CONDITIONHonest body in etch primer, you can see what
you’re getting. Door shells appear in excellent condition
Straight in the upper quarter panels
LH Rear lower quarter is a seriously bad previous repair.
It does require a section cut out and replaced including LH outside tail light / bumperette
section around into the rear beaver panelUsual rust spots in sections includingsills (Right Rear), scuttles and some in Right Rear Roof rain rail.Floor pans appear solid but some small areas to
be replaced.
Engine is a VR Engine number (VB-VH Commodore
253 Blue Motor V8) and was running.Last started approximately 8 years ago.Quadrajet Carby has always been covered (Sealed from dust entry) while in storage. Removed for Photos
Sump is HX & I believe the Gearbox is HX, M20 Aussie 4 spd
Chassis is not the original and comes from a
1974 HQ ute.
Diff is banjo 6 cylPICKUP Torquay VICA pickup possibility may exist from Wittlesea, near Hume Hwy... Please message iffirm interest exists, or Interstate

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VR statesman Buick v6 1994 in Torquay, Australia
price AU $3,150.00
VR statesman Buick v6 1994

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