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FORD TRANSIT VAN 2014 UNRESERVED Uncollected Pawn ~Adelaide~

Sale price: $AU 1,100.00
Last update: 8.05.2020
Car location: Lonsdale, SA, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Registration State:SA
Registration Number:S051BDY
Dealer License Number:LVD182248
Fuel Type:Diesel
Car Type:Commercial Van
Body Type:Van
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Dealer
Options:Air Conditioning
:“Overall appears to be in good condition and serviced. Used as country courier van. Started and brief roadtest only.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

Conditions of Sale
By bidding or buying,
you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated. If you do not
agree to the terms herein, please refrain from bidding or buying. This sale is
entirety BEFORE placing a bid. If you do not agree to all the terms and
conditions in their entirety, please refrain from bidding on my auctions. INTERSTATE
BIDDERS note: Please consider this
BEFORE bidding on these vehicles.
may not have visibility of all aspects of listing. Please read the information
provided from a computer. A printed invoice will be required from the winning
NOTE: Ending times for these auctions may be different to that stated
in ebay listing.
Add me to your favourite sellers to ensure notification, straight to
your email, of upcoming auctions. There’s plenty of great bargains coming your
This Vehicle is offered
for Sale as a non collected Pawned Vehicle and was used as security for a loan
The proceeds are to pay
for original loan and all outstanding fees, charges and preparation expenses
due by the client. You CANNOT PURCHASE this vehicle by any other means, so make
your bid. You are buying from a licensed vehicle dealer and are guaranteed
“CLEAR TITLE” with paperwork to support this . Balance of funds collected above the outstanding amount owed, will be returned to the previous owner.
RESERVE- This item is unreserved and will sell to the highest bidder
Welcome on site only
and prior to end of auction. Limited
Inspection times are available. See advertised dates/times.
Once Auction has been complete vehicle cannot be inspected,
or started until payment has been
received in full. Unregistered Vehicles may be started but not test driven on
road for insurance and liability reasons. When performing your inspection you will not
be allowed to remove items like spark plugs, wheels or any part of the vehicle.
Condition of Vehicle
determine this by inspecting the vehicle in person. I will not offer any
guarantee as to the mechanical or structural condition, history or otherwise or
make any representation to this effect. Please do not call and ask, as the sale
is “AS INSPECTED” You wouldn’t buy a house without inspecting it first. For
those thinking of purchasing the vehicle, and being able to drive away without
issue, this may not be possible. No warranty is expressed or implied with
auctioned vehicles. These vehicles are
sold “AS IS” with all faults if any.
This simply means that the vehicle has not been “Workshop Tested” nor “Yard
Prepared” Some work may be required to
bring them to a satisfactory “Roadworthy Status” It is always best to Inspect “IN person”
prior to making any bids. Negative feedback about the vehicle is ALWAYS left by
bidders that choose not to inspect prior to bidding, or fail to read all of the
information provided. Their expectations tend to be unrealistic
To be used as a guide only): Vehicle
runs and seems to perform well after short test drive. Battery is flat. Service sticker was photographed to provide an idea of when next service is due.VIN: WF0XXXTTGXEM58511 Kms [hidden information]
Address and Inspection Hours
Kerry Garner Used Cars
LVD [hidden information]
3 Lindsay Rd
Phone :
[hidden information]
Please do
not sms
If you need
more information email is preferred
[hidden information]
MORE VEHICLES AVAILABLE for immediate purchase on my website
Visual Inspection available, please contact me prior to auction end to inspect
NOT available outside of these times.
by appointment only between 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday
All vehicles
are unregistered unless otherwise Stated.
Vehicles do not need an inspection or roadworthy certificate of any
description if re-registering in SA and they are not defected or declared
vehicles . Always check the Personal
Property security registerfor your own peace of mind. This will also provide engine number, which you will need to register the vehicle.
engine numbers and VIN Numbers are only
provided so that successful bidders may
register the vehicle prior to pickup. Service SA can provide you with a new
registration form and quote for registration costs. If you wish to register the vehicle. Proof of ownership is not required to register
a vehicle as registration is Not proof of ownership.
No guarantees are offered or implied that
the vehicle can be registered. For all Registration enquiries including
costs please call Service SA on [hidden information] ,prior to Bidding and quote the
registration number of the vehicle.
If you choose not to register the
vehicle, or not provide printed proof of registration, you will not be given
number plates . New Number plates will be issued at point of re-registration
next time the vehicle is registered. You will not be able to drive the vehicle
unregistered, the vehicle will need to be transported.
If there is
not enough early interest in the item, I may end auction early before the last
24 hours. Many bids come in the last
minute even seconds, as people tend to use a bidding program to finish the
auction for them. Just because there is little activity, doesn’t mean the item
won’t end in a big finish. Put the highest amount you are willing to pay in as
a bid if you unable to be present in the final minutes. Ebay will only use this
if bidding comes after yours up to your maximum amount. If you make a bid then
retract it without prior consent from the vendor, your ebay Identity may be
banned from the present and future auctions/sales. Bidders with less than 100%
feedback or 2 or more buyers strikes, or feedback of less than 5, may be automatically excluded from
Must be received in full in Cash “ IN PERSON” as there are
documents to sign, within 4 days of Auction end. If you wish to pay by Credit
Card, then you will need to produce this when paying for your vehicle and sign
merchant slip. When collecting your vehicle, you will need to provide your “Ebay Invoice” and your photographic Drivers
Licence. If you forget this or cannot provide it, the vehicle cannot be
released to you.
If you
cannot attend to settle the payment and documents, you may send somebody on
your behalf.
Ensure that
you make an appointment. They will be required to produce
1) Photo
invoice that is emailed to the winning
bidder at auction end.
3) Printed
proof of registration to take possession of Plates.
NO direct
bank deposits or phone credit card payments accepted.
Access to Vehicle is not available after
close of Auction until all payments have been made and all appropriate
paperwork completed. Credit Card payments will need to be provided in person
and signed for. Failure to complete sale
as advertised, will result in a buyers strike, which may effect any future
trading on ebay and a bidder ban across this and any affiliated companies
trading on ebay. No exceptions.
Paypal is
not an acceptable form of payment.
Collecting your Vehicle
An appointment must be made for collection
within trading hours ONLY, No Exceptions.. Storage fees of $10 per day apply
for vehicles not collected within 7 days of auction end. NO exceptions.
Failure to complete
sale as outlined in these conditions will cancel the sale.
We can offer
a towing service at competitive rates. Winning bidder can request a quote.
Interstate customers, please obtain a
quote from a carrier near you. We will provide a quote only to the winning

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