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Ford Territory 2007 SR 7 seater

Sale price: $AU 600.00
Last update: 12.10.2020
Car location: Mudgee, New South Wales, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Date of Manufacture:200700
Right, Left Hand Drive:Right-Hand Drive
Car Type:Passenger Vehicles
Fuel Type:Petrol
Drive Type:RWD
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Body Type:SUV
Cylinders:6 cyl
For Sale by:Private Seller
Engine Size (litre):4
:“Needs some tlc”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

2007 ford Territory 4.0l inline six 4 speed autoRegistration till 31 OctoberGearbox slippingNeeds some tlcHit a roo in front end still runs greatI reserve the right to remove this item as advertised elsewhere

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