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Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969

Sale price: $AU 2,000.00
Last update: 13.04.2021
Car location: Armidale, New South Wales, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Body Type:Utility
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
:“Surface rust and in all the usual places, this six cylinder XT utility has sat in a rural property paddock in the cool northern NSW highlands for about 25 years. There is serious rust and the turret is dented. This ute is for sale 'as is, where is'. The photos tell the story.”
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Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 1
Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 2Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 3Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 4Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 5Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 6Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 7Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 8Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 9Ford Falcon XT Ute Utility six cylinder 1968 1969 photo 10

Owner description

This vehicle was purchase second hand in the early 1970s and although used as a farm vehicle, was well maintained until it conked out where you see it standing. The body condition is poor and the mechanicals are non operational. It is offered in the hope that someone will be able to rebuild it or make use of some parts in another restoration. Good Luck with your bidding.Buyer to arrange collection from current vehicle location 30kms outside Armidale NSW.

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