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1947 Ford f-47 panel Used flathead v-8L manual 3 speed Gasoline panel panel van

Sale price: $C 9,200.00
Last update: 24.04.2021
Car location: Victoria, Canada
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine:flathead v-8
Transmission:manual 3 speed
Model:f-47 panel
Disability Equipped:No
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:yellow
Exterior Color:Yellow
Drive Type:RWD
Body Type:panel van
Number of Cylinders:8
:“has had a full restoration 2012 have pictures of engine rebuild.frame off have some pictures showing the restoration”
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1947 Ford f-47 panel Used flathead v-8L manual 3 speed Gasoline panel panel van photo 1
1947 Ford f-47 panel Used flathead v-8L manual 3 speed Gasoline panel panel van photo 21947 Ford f-47 panel Used flathead v-8L manual 3 speed Gasoline panel panel van photo 31947 Ford f-47 panel Used flathead v-8L manual 3 speed Gasoline panel panel van photo 41947 Ford f-47 panel Used flathead v-8L manual 3 speed Gasoline panel panel van photo 5

Owner description

1947 ford f-47 has been completely restored full frame off restoration in 2012 it is a flathead v-8 which is all rebuilt it purrs.6 volt,wiper works all lights work.has 2 small spots starting to come thru on the fenders does not take away from its beauty,runs awesome has new exhaust very quiet.have a photo album showing resto.panel van is on vancouver island victoria bc.truck has valid title in my name or as we in canada call it vehicle registration.can help arrange shipping.has excellent tires.inside is all painted and has carpet it is still a blank canvas on the inside.this panel has awesome brakes..the panel van was frame off restored,have pictures to go with it.starts right up and just runs so smooth.has typical 6 volt is in amazing condition.i have lowered the reserve.On 02-Jan-21 at 23:55:11 EST, seller added the following information:this is the last time listing if it does not meet the reserve i will not sell i will keep it in my fleet of hotrods.i have lowered the price from 20000 down to 16000canadian.12500us is a great deal for a restored 47 panel with a flathead v-8.speak up email me if you really want to own it last chance i will not relist.

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Ford: f-47 panel panel in Victoria, Canada
price C $9,200.00
Ford: f-47 panel panel

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Ford: f-47 panel panel in Victoria, Canada
price C $9,200.00
Ford: f-47 panel panel

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