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Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project

Sale price: $AU 35,000.00
Last update: 24.04.2021
Car location: Bairnsdale, VIC, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Body Type:Sedan
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Private Seller
Featured Refinements:Race Car
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Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 1
Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 2Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 3Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 4Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 5Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 6Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 7Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 8Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 9Ford Escort Mk1 Grp4 Race Rally car Rolling Shell project photo 10

Owner description

Ford Escort MK1 first reg 20.03.1973 2 door
The car is 5 years into a 2 year build I do not have the
time or passion to complete it.
Built to full group 4 spec as per ford group 4 manual all
the hard work is done you just need to paint it and bolt all the goodies of
your choice into place. Comes with bonnet boot and doors some glass, car is
rolling for loading purposes. Car comes
with Australian vin plate and ID.
Sand blasted and fully seam welded and guested/strengthened
shell, full tig welded T45 cage to the strut tops to 2019 CAMS spec MSA FIA, 5 link
rear with turreted rear shocks, fully welded steel arches, all new fully floating
axle RX7 diff housing custom shafts 4.8 ratio with Kaz lsd $9250, Bilstein
front and rear shocks, grp 4 WRC fully adjustable latest spec front suspension,
electric power steering, word cup x member, AP discs x4 AP callipers, big
gearbox and diff tunnel, if you wish to price the shell and all the parts go to or
then add postage. I have build sheets and all receipts totalling $35,206.17
that is parts only no labour.
I also have 2013 fully dressed Ford Ranger 2.5 13000Klm
Duratec un-opened engine with Carrillo rods and pistons with lightweight
flywheel also available all still in their boxes. The engine does not come with
the car but can be purchased separately. Cost $6000 so far.
This you tube vid was my car used it for 5 years and copied it
for the new build with all new best quality components. That car is now
This is a 5min vid of the shell that is now for sale. Look
at the vid first before asking questions as most can be answered in the vid.
Grp 4 front suspension at work
Victoria Australia
Group 4 Fabrication
Bairnsdale Metals
left rear tail light
Unique Auto Parts
Calipers Rear Mk 4 Golf
Competiton Management &
Engineering Pty
Floater hub kit, Diff, CW&P
Motorsport Tools
brackets, panels, etc
Custom Cages
Roll Cage
Motorsport Tools
[hidden information]
rear lights
Roger Carroll
Sale Wreckers
Bairnsdale Metals
Custom Cages
welding rods, door bar gusset
Brown Davis Automotive
Roll bar tube
Motorsport Tools
DIBP Canberra
duty on goods
Custom Cages
GRP4 Fabrications
AP Racing rear brake disc 1 spare
Bristol Paints
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