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FORD ED Fairmont Sunroof ED Futura AU Fairmont BA Fairmont Ghia XR6

Sale price: $AU 1,550.00
Last update: 28.10.2021
Car location: Wandong-Heathcote Junction, Victoria, Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

CAN SEND YOU MORE PICTURES - JUST MESSAGE MESALE FORFord ED Fairmont Starting Price $1550.00May 1994Kilometers-[hidden information] /VIN 6FPAAAJGSWRJ91950XR6 XR8 body kit - No front spoilerFactory Sunroof tested and workingNot running turns over No radiator or cowl, can supply one for additional $150.00Left hand rear door and left hand electric window not working4 wheel rims in pictures included with saleAll red strips included, interior is in great clean conditionBody has scratches and dents and paint fadeRight Guard, Bonnet Dented, Rear taillightgarnish brokenGREAT PROJECT CARHard to find Fairmont’s with factory sunroof
RoBO4O[hidden information]
Ford ED Futura Price $1100.00February 1994Kilometers- [hidden information]/VIN6FPAAAJGSWRY75503Starts, runs no radiator fitted, told requires water pump so unable to driveCan supply radiator and shroud additional $150.00Damaged bonnet and grille hit a kangarooFront Falcon hub caps not included
Ford AU11 Fairmont Price $1300.00August 2001Kilometers- Unknown/VIN6FPAAAJGSW1G77111AU Car No1: Silver AU Fairmont August 2001 AU11Starts and drives, LPG out of datePower steering leaking at steering rackBattery no good, Tyres wornScratches and dents, Rust on boot lidAftermarket radio, Last driven October 2019
Ford AU Fairmont Price $1300.00August 1999Kilometers- Unknown/VIN6FPAAAJGSWXT75013AU Car No2: White AU Fairmont August 1999XR6 Seats fitted, 4 XR6 door trims supplied not currently fittedStarts and drives, drive belt not fitted, battery no good, tyres goodScratches and marks, rust bottom of back window. Aftermarket RadioNot known when Last driven but would be at least 3 years
Ford BA Fairmont Ghia Price $4000.00March 2003Kilometers- [hidden information]/VIN6FPAAAJGSW3D53024BA Fairmont Ghia SedanPaint code CP Blue Pearl metallic warm charcoal leatherSmall dent front of bonnet and Drivers doorPresents well for18 year old carSmall marks to paint and interior, fading on top of rear bumper bar to be expectedLast registered end 2019Runs and drives goodAir bag light on so would need to be looked at by Ford dealerOne set of keys and sold unregistered with no roadworthy certificateWelcome to have RACV vehicle inspection or your own mechanic to have a look“GREAT BUY”
RoBO4O[hidden information]

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