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For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 13.04.2021
Car location: Poulton Le Fylde, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine Size:898
Service History Available:Yes
V5 Registration Document:Present
Body Type:Hatchback
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For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 1
For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 2For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 3For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 4For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 5For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 6For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 7For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 8For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 9For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Capture D-QUE photo 10

Owner description

For Sale a 63 Plate 2013 Renault Captur D-QUE
This car comes with 2 Keys a Clear HPI Certificate, V5 Registration Document and a Service Book with 6 Stamps.
This car has come direct from a Large Finance Company as a Repossession, as you can see parts of the engine have been removed and placed inside the car. We have no idea what was wrong with it as this is how the car came to us.Small mark in the O/S Front Door and scratch on the O/S Back Door (as shown in pictures)
Mileage : [hidden information]
Priced to Sell @ £2650.00
Pleasecontact 07801526 582 or email with any questionsTerms and conditionsAll our vehicles offered for sale are strictly sold as seen regardless ofthereconditioniesold as salvage, no warranty is implied or given, therefore we advise all vehicles should transported/towed away from our sites. We give honest appraisals of our vehicles but recommend youcomeand view yourself or have it inspected prior to purchase as we may have missed some minor damage etc. Vehicles with mechanical damage often have not been inspected by ourselves as we simply don't have time to inspect all due to the number of vehicles we deal with, we will tell you what we know of them but some information may be third party hence we cannot guarantee this information to be correct, it?s just an idea as to what's wrong and there may be other issues. Vehicles with accident damage will have a brief description but with all accident damage vehicles there may be more damage than listed on further inspection.All bids/offers accepted are final, you bid to buy and not haggle at the point of collection. We HPI check all vehicles and indicate any alerts/category status at the point of sale-if we know the vehicle is frominsurancewe will advise the engineers category as the vehicle may go on thehpiregister after the point of sale.We are located near Blackpool (Lancashire) viewing is by appointment only please call for arranging this.Delivery can be arranged to any UK mainland address please contact us for a quote (payment is required in full before delivery as often we sub contract transport services) Collection is available and vehicles need to be collected from our sites within 48 hours of a deposit unless we have agreed otherwise.Export enquires are welcome and we offer loading facilities to accommodate this, Forkliftsetc .Payment options are bank transfer (these need to be made at least 24 hours prior to collection or delivery to avoid fraudulent transactions). Cash on collection up to certain values please ask or Debit card - please note some cards now encounter charges - mainly business debit. Please note we do not accept credit cards.

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