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Fiesta ST150 Track Car

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 22.10.2020
Car location: repton, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:Fiesta ST
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Relisting due to the buyer not being able to complete purchase.
Fiesta ST150 – 2006 (56)
797XX miles
147bhp – 1030KG
Here we have for sale a Fiesta ST150 track car that, with a
few amendments, could be taken racing. In its current guise it’s a very capable
and fun car to drive on and off the track. It’s a safe space to learn how to
drive fast and explore a cars limits without risking too much. I personally
have completed one full track day at Donington Park and three trips to the
Nurburgring during the last 2 years and 6500 miles of ownership.
I really will be sad to see this car go, not only does it
have a sentimental value but has been great fun to own, drive and work on. I am
only selling as I want to move into a Golf GTi, otherwise I would be looking to
lighten this car even further, fit a diff and take it hill climbing.
I am able to offer this car in a few different specs;
£4500 as it stands
£4100 without the wheels and tyres (you will
need to supply alternatives)
£4000 without the seats and harnesses (you will
need to supply alternatives)
£3600 without the wheels, tyres, seats or
The current spec is as follows:
Engine Standard exhaust manifold with Toyosport exhaust
and performance cat. Standard inlet with pipercross induction kit ARC baffled sump JamSport power steering relocation kit (to
prevent heatsoak from engine) Mountune HT leads Mountune lower engine mount GGR short shifter and quaife shift knob AC pump and lines have been removed and a pulley
with shorter auxiliary belt fitted.
Chassis Meister-R Zeta adjustable coilovers including
adjustable topmounts – in excellent condition Ferodo DS2500 pads with Pagid discs and uprated brake
fluid Brake lines have been completely replaced in
early 2020 Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 wheels in 15x7 – all
straight, true and unmarked. Yokohama ADO8R tyres done around 7000 miles and tread
depths are roughly 5mm all round – still plenty of life in them yet
Completely stripped out, dash has been trimmed
down and fitted around cage. All wiring still in place - heated front and
rear screens, electric mirrors, electric windows all still work. MSA compliant weld-in rollcage, bespoke to the
car. Designed and fitted by Tube Bender, Rugby. Mirco RTS bucket seats, FIA certified and valid
till 2025 TRS harnesses, FIA certified and valid till 2024 OMP seat mounts BG Racing boss kit with suede steering wheel Heater and air conditioning box has been removed, steel plating used to blank holes off.
At 70500 miles, the previous owner paid to have the engine
rebuilt. During that rebuild they replaced the head gasket, stem seals, piston
rings, king heavy duty big end bearings, water pump and thermostat. This hasn’t
given me any problems in the 6500 miles I’ve put on in the last two years.
It has also had three oil changes and two coolant flushes in
my ownership.
MOT’d till 26th August 2021 – no advisories, except that it
doesn’t have passenger seats *eyeroll*
Currently fitted with a private plate that will be removed
before sale.
It is currently displaying an engine management light due to
the lambda sensor after the CAT, this can be confirmed with an OBD reader. It personally
hasn’t bothered me as it still returns 37.5mpg and 400+ miles from a tank on a
long run. Plus you get a few pops and crackles on overrun – never a bad thing!
ABS and Traction Control are not working. Following the
replacement of the wiring harness this stopped working. Again it didn’t bother
me as it was predominantly used for track and ring driving.
Rear bumper insert as removed as it was fouling the exhaust.
It was my intention to either fit a flat boot floor and diffuser, hence why it
wasn’t refitted.
Paintwork isn’t 100% but I’d give it a solid 7/10. A few
stone chips upfront from hustling cars at the ring and a few swirls in the paint.
It never really bothered me as I’ve been more interested in driving and working
it rather than washing it!
Any questions, please let me know. I’m not looking for a part
exchange unless it is a Clio 197 up to the value of £2500.

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