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Dodge Ram SRT/10

Sale price: $AU 75,000.00
Last update: 31.10.2021
Car location: KIPPA-RING, Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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2005 Viper powered SRT10 Dodge RamThis is one seriously tough pick-up! The 2005 Viper powered SRT10 Dodge Ram has all the grunt of a super car to conquer anything you can throw at it. Designed to be a powerful work horse, this Right-Hand Drive Ram has been fitted out with towing in mind with the addition of Air bag suspension in the rear, tow bar and electric brakes.
Exterior OverviewThis dual cab truck has all the right looks, finished in black with tinted windows and aftermarket headlights giving it a mean look. The stance on this dodge is just right with it lowered, sitting on it’s 22″ Alloy Rims, hard tray lid is fitted with the factory rear wing adding to the sport truck feel.Interior OverviewThe spacious interior of this SRT10 has been extremely well looked after with the soft black leather seats in excellent condition sporting SRT10 Embroidery. Taking inspiration from the Viper a red starter button and Viper gauges help the SRT-10 stand out above normal Ram models. This ram has been optioned out with a premium sound package and sunroof to finish the luxury interior feel.Engine /DrivelineOpen the hood and you are greeted by monster 8.3 LITRE V-10 ENGINE matted to the Rebuilt Automatic Transmission. The engine bay is tidy all round with the stand out bright red viper rocker covers immediately drawing your attention. This beast rumbles with the headers and a full exhaust system completed, other engine bay modifications include the installation of a K&N cold air intake.
This Powerful Viper powered Dodge Ram SRT10 is set to please even the fussiest of buyers and is very clean inside and out.
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