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car MG ZR

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 12.11.2021
Car location: Taunton, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Seller notes:“hASHas been in barn for several years so will need some TLC”
Model:MG ZR
Vehicle Type:Performance Vehicle
Engine Size:2
Body Type:Coupe
V5 Registration Document:Present
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Owner description

This was my sons car and was parked in Barn when he decided he wanted a jag.The previous owner had done all the usual mods and it was abit scary to drive! It had been remapped, with the bigger injectors, large intercooler kit, bigger front discs and calipers, definitely needed. I replaced the turbo capsule and cam belt. I helped fit a BRM interior which is in nice condition and looks greatThe front has been replaced with a Rover version following a mishap, and that was all that was available. Whoever puts this car back on the road will have some fun, but needs to take care. It is very economical, giving 58mpg at 75mph motorway driving when I borrowed it!

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The MG ZR was the best selling model of all the MG Z cars, and MG Rover's overall best seller in 2002. Here we feature this lovely MG ZR 160 in XPower Grey, ...

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car MG ZR in Taunton, United Kingdom
price £467.00
car MG ZR

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