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BMW m135i stage 2 400bhp

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 26.07.2021
Car location: london, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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BMW m135i stage 2 400bhp photo 1
BMW m135i stage 2 400bhp photo 2BMW m135i stage 2 400bhp photo 3

Owner description

BMW m135i stage 2
Il start with the bad bits• wheels could do with a refurb• very little service history• nearly 80k miles
For the right price I will have the wheels refurbed for the new owner but please allow 2 days for me to get this done
Only got the first service from BMW with the car but I have serviced it myselfIn my time of owning and have receipts to prove Iv bought the materials
Now the fun stuff…
• stage 2 running 400bhp which includes- cobra decat down pipe- itg panel filter- R speed intercooler- masarta charge pipes- stage 2 remap done by AMD Essex with printout
When I got the car I upgraded all discs and pads all round to drilled and grooved discs and mintex pads
I had 2 brand new M Pilot Sport 4 all round put on less then 2000miles ago
Full service including spark plugs
All leather seats with heated front seats
Business package that includes middle of the range speakers and bigger screen for satnav
Parking sensors all round
Cruise control
Auto lights and wipers
Auto box which is the fastest and sounds better going through gears.
Car runs and drives spot on with no problems what so ever, pulls hard in every gear
Only selling as I need a 5 door
Wouldn’t mind doing a swap for a mk7/7.5 Golf R or Audi s3 2014 up. Has to be 5 door and auto. Money your way.
£13,000 Ono
Any questions just phone/text or eBay message me
Bank transfer on collection and deposit of £200 when auction ends
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