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Audi TT 225 Quattro Coupe

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 31.10.2021
Car location: Melrose, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

Welcome to my auction for my 2003 Audi TT 225 Quattro - BAM engine code in Moro Blue
I am selling this as spares or repairs due to cracking the sump two weeks ago whilst driving out of the Glentress car park. I scraped a rock, heard a fairly loud thud and pulled over after about 10 - 15 seconds. Checked underneath to see oil leaking from the rear of the sump. The oil light didn't come on and and the car proceeded to spew oil for the next half an hour.
I would keep the car if I didn't have two others, as the sump is a fairly easy fix - I changed the sump/oil pick up pipe back in 2019 in a day. However, at the present, I don't have the space or time to sort it.
The good points.I purchased the car in the summer of 2019 as a fun daily driver. Over the past two years, the following work has been done to the car:- Serviced yearly by myself and always with the correct NGK plugs, VAG spec oil, genuine filters and always ran on V-Power. - 07/2019 @ 122k - 07/2020 @ 126k - 08/2021 @ 128k2019- New sump, oil pickup pipe + gaskets- Full haldex service + oil- Gearbox oil changed- Full PCV system refresh with all new genuine Audi parts + Forge silicone hoses- MTEC 15/20mm spacers front & rear
2020- MTEC grooved + dimpled discs with Brembo pads front and rear- New rear calipers- Uprated Badger 5 turbo inlet pipe (3")- Polished charge pipe- Induction kit (Ramair)- Forge Diverter Valve. This has been serviced twice in my ownership with genuine parts.- Most pipes in the engine bay have been swapped for Forge silicone items with good quality hose clamps.- TT V6 Honeycomb rear valance
2021- HEL braided brake lines front and rear- Front mounted intercooler- New front wings as the old ones were starting to blister- Front and rear arches undersealed- Boost gauge in the centre air vent- KW ST shocks and springs front and rear- 4 x New Bridgestone Turanza tires.- 4 x Genuine R8 Coil packs
Prior to the sump cracking, the car drove extremely well and never put a foot wrong in my two years of ownership. The cabin is a lovely place to sit and very quiet. No rattles or knocks. The seats are fully heated and in great condition. I do have the rear parcel shelf for the car, however I never used it.The haldex 4wd worked as it should, which is handy during the winter months.The current mileage is129,630 miles and will not increase, and the MOT is valid until June 2022.
The bad points.The car is nearly 20 years old now and so does come with it's issues.- The fuel gauge is strange. When it shows half full on the dial, its empty. It's never bothered me however.- The common issue of the display pixelating is present.- The central locking doesn't work off the key fob, but does work if you put the key in the car door.- Cambelt/Aux belt is due in 2022.- There are some marks around the car - Paint hazing, rust on the bottom of the driver door, rear arches are slightly blistering and a scrape on one of the side skirts (pictured).
I have a few spares that I will include with the car too.- Moro Blue rear bumper- Coil packs, fuel + cabin filters- Oil- Custom exhaust (Centre res + Back box delete) - never fitted
Overall the car is an honest example that just needs a bit of TLC to get back on the road. I have the full V5 in my name as well as some history for the car.
I can provide more pics and vids if needed and I'm happy to answer any questions you may have.
Please note, the car will need trailered away and is based in the Scottish Borders - TD6.

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