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Astra vxr nurburgring

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 22.07.2021
Car location: worthing, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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Owner description

Astra VXR Nurburgring 452/835
98k miles.
Both keyless entry fobs.
FSH with a ring binder packed with invoices.
Mot until 29/03/22 advisories have been done. Being the Nurburgring edition it comes packed with extra features such as...
•3 stage heated perforated leather recaros.
•Sought after ATS Nurburgring alloys.
•Genuine AFL Bi-Xenon headlamps.
•Carbon fibre mirror caps.
•Carbon fibre door shut trims/B pillar trims.
•sat nav, AUX and Bluetooth connectivity.
•Piano black centre console trim.
•Auto lights.
•Rain sensing wipers.
•Cruise control.
•Climate control.
•RARE Electric folding mirrors.
•Keyless entry and go.
•Iconic flag vinyls front to rear.
List of modifications...
•Turbo smart recirc valve.
•Full turboback 2.75” Remus exhaust.
•Courtney sport intercooler.
•Courtney sport Crossover delete pipe.
•Courtney sport breathers.
•Nevlock/Airtec enlarged top hat kit.
•Aem dryflow cone filter.
•Courtney stage 2 map 292 with proof.
•Drivers vent converted for 2 52mm gauges.
•Prosport coolant and boost gauges.
•All vac lines changed to silicone.
•Rear BCS deleted.
•OPC coil cover.
•25mm Eibach springs.
•Custom Nurburgring centre caps.
•Gloss black top mount covers.
•insignia washer jets ( mist )
Has had the following (7/2019 )
•Cambelt and waterpump kit.
•Rear main crank shaft oil seal replaced.
•Clutch and dual massflywheel
•Genuine fuel cap and seal from Courtney.
•Genuine GM coolant tank and cap.
•Brembo Discs and pads front and rear. •Major service.
•2 oil changes ( 1 ran for a week as a flush )
•Cosworth NGK BCR8ES plugs.
•Nevlock cool running thermostat.
•Genuine coolant hose from stat to rad.
•Genuine coolant hose clips.
•Brake fluid flushed and replaced.
•Genuine GM G13 coolant.
•Wheel balance and hunter alignment.
Couple of minor issues to note...
•Gearstick starting to move under acceleration
•Front lower splitter has a minor crack. •Age related stonechips.
To summarise a very well equipped and looked after Nurburgring, with a few rare factory options which are nice to see on an appreciating collectors item.
I may not even sell this but I’m looking for something with a bit more room and am in absolutely no rush to sell. Private plate will be removed

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