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67 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500

Sale price: $AU 120,000.00
Last update: 9.04.2021
Car location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Car Type:Collector Cars
Body Type:Fastback
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
For Sale by:Dealer
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67 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 1
67 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 267 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 367 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 467 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 567 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 667 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 767 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 867 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 967 Ford Mustang Fastback GTA 428 Dual Quad V8 Suit 65 66 68 Shelby GT350 GT500 photo 10

Owner description

1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback for saleThe 67 Ford Mustang Fastback is the wall-poster muscle car that everyone wants to have in their garage. While they were always a popular car from the get -go, these bad boys rocketed up in value and into fame, after the release of the Gone in 60 Seconds movie thanks to a 1967 Mustang fastback Shelby GT500 replica known as Eleanor. Since the film’s release, many replicas of the Eleanor have been built. Lots of these are just fiberglass body kits and a set of wheels placed on regular fastbacks. They often are still running a factory 289 or 302ci V8 and lack the horsepower provided by a real GT500. This is example is the exact opposite, its not just a show pony, in fact no fiberglass body kits here, instead it maintains its true understated original shape with some serious balls added under the hood. The car is running a Super snake 428ci Big Block V8 with dual quad carbs, the exact same engine that would have been under the hood of a real deal Shelby GT500 in 1967. A true wolf in sheep’s clothing.The engine is paired to a Ford C6 Automatic transmission so you can focus on keeping it in a straight line rather than worrying about pesky things like changing gears. The power is fed to the rear wheels by the ever reliable Ford 9” Diff.The car packed it’s bags and made the journey to Australia in search of a better life in 2006. The body of the car was professionally repainted around the same period in a striking red hue, the same colour the guy next to you at the traffic lights will be seeing after you blow his doors off. The paintwork on the car is nice and smooth without any major faults or flaws, impressive given how long it has been on the car. Likewise the chrome is very good and shines brightly. The car is Marti report confirmed as an original GTA and has the correct GTA features including grille-mounted fog lamps, dual exhausts, power front disc brakes,and GTgas cap. The car sits perfectly over a set of Shelby style wheels with imitation knock off style center caps.The interior has been completely redone in Black to the correct original pattern. Inside features bucket seats with center console, steering column mounted tacho and fold down rear seat. There is a small stereo with trunk mounted cd stacker and amplifier for some beats while you are burning up the road. Creature comforts include power steering and power disk brakes. Both under the bonnet and inside the boot are nicely finished and detailed.With values of these Mustangs continuing to climb, now might just be the perfect time to take down the poster from the wall and park the real thing in your garage instead.NEW STOCK DROPS THE FIRST SATURDAY OF EACH MONTH AND THE DOORS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 8AM TO 2PM. OTHERWISE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY FOR GENUINE VEHICLE INQUIRIES/INSPECTIONS TUESDAY TO SATURDAY ALL OTHER TIMES, PLEASE CALL LOCKY MCCANN WITH INQUIRIES OR TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS TO VIEW ON [hidden information]GOT A CLASSIC CAR TO CONSIGN OR SELL? PLEASE CONTACT BEN ATKINSON ON [hidden information]Located at 2 Palings Court, Nerang on the Gold Coast, Queensland. Inspections by appointment only. We are also practising social distancing so please be mindful of the 1.5m rule.PLEASE NOTE: This vehicle is being sold on consignment, consignment vehicles are sold as is without registration unless otherwise stated and there is no cooling off period or warranty expressed written or implied by the consignee. Information is provided to us by the consignee and is the responsibility of the buyer to have thoroughly inspected the vehicle, and to have satisfied himself or herself as to the condition and value and to purchase based upon that judgement solely.

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