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60 LED Ball Solar Party Fairy Outdoor String Lights for Patio & Garden

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 31.10.2021
Car location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Bulb Type:LED
Installation Area:Outdoor
Type:Solar Garden Lights
MPN:Does Not Apply
Bulb Shape Code:2G10
Mounting:Wall Mounted
Power Source:Solar
Features:Dusk-to-Dawn, Solar Sensor
Number in Pack:1
Lighting Technology:LED
Number of Speeds:1
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Owner description

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and SAFETY---These LED lights decorate your garden with energy from the
solar and do not require additional cost.
about the BULBS----HIGH BRIGHTNESS---the bulbs is colorless
Transparent PS Thermoplastics.Carrying technology from Germany,The main
Features is WATERPROOF--HIGH can work long time
Recycling, It's those times when you're decor family, that it's most
important to stay Satisfy.
continuously for 8 hours once fully charged. Just replace the
RECHARGEABLE BATTERY when there is not enough sunshine, then it will
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS---5-feet lead and 40-feet wire with 60 bubble can surround anywhere.Let your house be fantasy at night.For
your life increase more romantic ,Warm and happy.
EASY TO USE - The solar panel is easily installed. These lights
are turned on automatically in darkness and turned off automatically in
brightness. Power and mode double buttons are on the back of panel box
for controlling. Only the ""ON / OFF"" is adjusted to ""ON"" state,
string lights can be charged.

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