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2018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 23.04.2021
Car location: Leeds, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

V5 Registration Document:Present
Particulate Filter:Yes
Drive Side:Right-hand drive
Safety Features:Alarm, Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS), Driver Airbag, Electronic Stability Program (ESP), Immobiliser, Passenger Airbag, Rear seat belts, Safety Belt Pretensioners, Side Airbags
Engine Size:2
In-Car Audio:AM/FM Stereo, CD Multichanger, CD Player, Navigation System, Premium Sound System
Interior/Comfort Options:Air Conditioning, Auxiliary heating, Climate Control, Cruise Control, Electric heated seats, Leather Seats, Parking Sensors, Power-assisted Steering (PAS), Power Locks, Power Seats
Service History Available:Yes
Metallic Paint:Yes
Previous owners (excl. current):1
Body Type:Estate
Exterior:Alloy Wheels, Catalytic Converter
Drivetrain:2 WD
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2018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 1
2018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 22018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 32018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 42018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 52018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 62018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 72018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 82018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 92018 Ford Mondeo New Grey 2L Automatic Diesel Estate photo 10

Owner description

2018 ford mondeo titanium estate in Metallic Grey, Top spec fully loaded. 11000 miles, 1 Owner From New - Smart, Spacious And Great To Drive, With A Luxury Interior And Clever Technology - Fitted With lots Of Extras Including, Active City Stop, Power Adjustable Steering Column, And Titanium Pack With Luxurious Leather Upholstery - GPS Satellite Navigation System, Voice Control For Media Functions, Automatic Smart Key, Front and Rear Radar-Type Parking Sensors, Radar-Type, Auto Park Reverse Parking Sensors, Bluetooth Wireless, Reverse Camera, Auto Boot Open/Close SmartPhone Connectivity, Electrically Foldable Door Mirrors, DAB Digital Radio For A Myriad Of Stations To Suit Your Mood, Cruise Control, Rain Sensing Windscreen Wipers, Lane Departure Warning System, Automatic Headlights With Dusk Sensor, Ice Melting & De-misting Electric Heated Windscreen, 18In Alloy Wheels, No PX, category s fully repaired and ready to drive away. Special Offer Price, £11500 ono Barging

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