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2017 Jaguar XE Used 2.0 Liter DIESEL engineL Automatic Diesel PRESTIGE AWD DIESEL Sedan

Sale price: $US 19,999.00
Last update: 13.05.2020
Car location: Livonia, Michigan, United States
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine:2.0 Liter DIESEL engine
Options:4-Wheel Drive, CD Player, Leather Seats, Sunroof
Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Number of Cylinders:4
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Disability Equipped:No
Interior Color:Black
Fuel Type:Diesel
Exterior Color:Metallic Gray
Drive Type:AWD
Vehicle Title:Rebuilt, Rebuildable & Reconstructed
Body Type:Sedan
Warranty:90 day/4,500 mile power train warranty included
:“KNOW WHO YOU ARE BUYING FROM...........................CALL OR TEXT MARK @480-559-4769”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

#1 Seller/Re-builder of previously light damaged vehicles on Ebay since 2010.. NOBODY comes even close!!!!!!!!!!!#1 highest rated feedback seller on Ebay period receiving only the highest accolades since 2010!#1 repeat customer seller/service anywhere since 2010!#1 original copied listings/wording/layout since 2010!You can see most other accounts copy our exact layout.#2 most followed Ebay dealer in the world since 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!
Given Ebay EXCELLENCE seller status year after year! Why buy from anyone else
HAND SELECTED DIESEL MODEL....................2017 AWD Jaguar XEPRESTIGE DIESEL AWD in super shape.............METALLIC GRAY matched with a BLACK (HEATED FRONT)leather interior seating...................2.0 Liter 6 cylinder TURBOCHARGED DIESEL engine which is JAGUAR trademark engine and pulls ridiculous horsepower.....................AWD / ALL WHEEL DRIVE SYSTEM.......................Smooth Shifting automatic transmission.................14,812 SUPER LOW (ONE OWNER) MILES................High end GPS NAVIGATION ( Global positioning system ) screen.......................FULL LEATHER SEATING...................FRONT HEATED LEATHER SEATING........................................................19"aluminum (Painted)wheels mated to 19" LIKE NEW Tires...................Rear-view camera .....................Heated steering wheel.........................BLIS ( Blind spot detection system)....................................Rear ultra sonic alert sensors......................Power fold mirrors.........................Steering wheel controls...................HID xenon headlights....................Premium audio System...................Power heated mirrors........................Power operated sunroof...................AM/FM/CD.........................Steering wheel controls......................Telescoping steering wheel.................Leather wrapped steering wheel...........................................Media gadget info screen including USB & AUX...............ready for its new owner....Loaded with most every option.
Runs & Drives absolutely awesome.THIS IS A LIVE AUCTION BIDDING PROCESS , BID OFTEN & BID HIGH OR CALL MARK @[hidden information] WITH YOUR OFFER
ADDED BONUS: This vehicle listing includes a FREE history check provided by AUTO CHECK to better serve our customers by elaborating further on the vehicle's history in detail and is absolutely FREE of charge to you.
- Vehicle was purchased straight from an insurance co. with a PREVIOUS salvage title.- Cosmetically, we replaced the front bumper and hood and blended in surroundings for a perfect match.- It went thru the Michigan Inspection service and already has the Michigan REBUILT title mentioned above(Roadworthy and ready to register anywhere)...- Similar clear title models retail for up to 42k equally equipped if you can find one.
Feel free to call/text/email[hidden information] ASK FOR MARK , MAKE OFFER ANYTIME
- $150 dealer doc fee on all final sales.- $500 pay-pal deposit is due within 24 hours of auctions end.
Will ship your vehicle to your desired destination anywhere in the states at dealer discounted hauler/freight services.Areas are as follows which include neighboring/surrounding states as well.N.Y area- $550Florida area- $550Texas area- $700California area- $950All vehicles come with our in house FREE 90 Days / 4500 mile DRIVE TRAIN warranty.Extended warranties available upon request as well.Note: Please note that when bidding over $25,000 on any vehicle, ebay will need to verify your info so do not wait until the last minute to place your bid as it could lock you out of the bidding process as verification could take up to 2 minutes, thanks.***********Note: Please do not place a bid on these vehicles and ruin our auctions and a fair chance for other bidders unless you have been PRE-APPROVED by your bank/credit union for financing on a ((((REBUILT title)))) vehicles IF NEEDED...This is a NO TOLERANCE policy and you will get reported to Ebay for non payment!!!
Disclaimer:Please note that we are NOT affiliated with any other Ebay/craigslist/Autotrader/ accounts.You may see our platform/body wording/identical vehicles on other Ebay websites to which we are not responsible for. Over 200 Ebay id's have been reported to Ebay for copyright infringement and identical wording layout. Simply put? We set the standard

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