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2016 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Turbo Sri Vx-line not damaged salvage spares or repair

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 16.07.2021
Car location: bromborough, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Engine Size:1.4
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2016 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Turbo Sri Vx-line not damaged salvage spares or repair photo 1
2016 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Turbo Sri Vx-line not damaged salvage spares or repair photo 22016 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Turbo Sri Vx-line not damaged salvage spares or repair photo 3

Owner description

Here For Sale Is A 2016 / 16 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 Turbo ( 100ps ) SRi Vx-line 3 Door In silver with only 39635Miles, just had a full engine rebuild and clutch With full service, cat n new owner will need to apply for v5 from dvla but will be given a full invoice from my self, please note there is the odd little damaged but nothink structural
Front Electric Windows , 17 Inch Vx-line Alloy Wheels , Touch Screen Intellilink Radio With DAB , AM/FM Radio , USB And Aux Connectivity , Bluetooth Connectivity , Leather Steering Wheel With Audio Controls , Air Conditioning , Easy Park Steering Function , Cruise Control , Multiple Airbags ( Drivers Passenger And Side Airbags ) , Height Adjustable Drivers Seat And Steering Wheel , LED Daytime Running Lights , Remote Central Locking , 1 Keys
Very Economical , Stunning Condition , Drives Superb
Can be deliverd at extra cost if you would like any more info message me via ebay
Please note if you have less the 5 feedback I will remove you bid
This vehicle is advertised elsewhere and can be removed
Cash or bank transfer on collection
All I ask if u can contact me at end of auction
Thanks for looking

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