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2016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible

Sale price: $US 130,000.00
Last update: 23.04.2021
Car location: Miami, Florida, United States
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Power Options:Air Conditioning, Cruise Control, Power Locks, Power Windows, Power Seats
Number of Cylinders:8
Safety Features:Anti-Lock Brakes, Driver Airbag, Passenger Airbag, Side Airbags
Drive Side:Left-hand drive
Disability Equipped:No
Interior Color:ROSSO
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Exterior Color:GRIGIO
Drive Type:RWD
Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:Convertible
Options:CD Player, Convertible, Leather Seats, Sunroof
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2016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 1
2016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 22016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 32016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 42016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 52016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 62016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 72016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 82016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 92016 Ferrari California Used 3.9L DIRECT INJECTED V8 550HPL Automatic Gasoline T Convertible photo 10

Owner description

2016 Ferrari California T

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2016 Ferrari California T in Miami, Florida, United States
price US $130,000.00
2016 Ferrari California T

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