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2015 Ford Ranger Used White 3.2L FW426912L Dual Cab Pick-up Manual Diesel

Sale price: $AU 29,950.00
Last update: 22.04.2021
Car location: Penrith, NSW, 2750, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

For Sale by:Dealer
Engine Size (litre):3.2
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Year of Manufacture:2015
Body Type:Dual Cab Pick-up
Registration Number:1HM9KW
Right-Hand, Left-Hand Drive:Right-hand drive
Fuel Type:Diesel
Dealer License Number:046857
Metallic Paint:No
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Contact to the Seller

(02) 4732 3222
38 Henry Street Penrith, NSW, 2750
2 Great Locations
Open 7 Days Until Late
150+ Cars
2015 Ford Ranger PX MkII Wildtrak 3.2 (4x4) White 6 Speed Manual Dual Cab Pick-up

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