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2014 Toyota Camry HYBRID H Automatic Sedan Country Car

Sale price: $AU 13,990.00
Last update: 29.10.2021
Car location: Orange, New South Wales, Australia

Technical specifications, photos and description:

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Owner description

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2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid H Sedan 2.5 AutomaticTidy Country Car , started life as a fleet car then used as a local Taxifor a couple of years .Very well maintained Car .Built 12/2014 and first sold in 2015 .Has some general ware and tare for age and kms , but overall tidy .A couple of small dents on drivers front guard and door .Travelled 252,000 kms .Great to drive , very comfortable , reliable and economical .Factory features include , climate control , color control screen , reverse camera ,cloth trim , power windows & mirrors , electric drivers seat , blue-tooth hands free ,Alloy wheels , ABS brakes , cruise control , cup holders , remote central locking ,push button start and lots more .Just been through a workshop inspection and service .Comes with NSW Rego through to end of August 2022Located in Orange @ Bute Utes & Used carsCall/text Kingsley on [hidden information] or send an email through eBay with any further Questions

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