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2013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic

Sale price: $AU 88,800.00
Last update: 14.04.2021
Car location: Minchinbury, NSW, 2770, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Date of Manufacture:201307
For Sale by:Dealer
Manufacturer:Land rover
Engine Size (litre):8.0
Model:Range Rover
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Registration Number:CPF87T
Year of Manufacture:2013
Right-Hand, Left-Hand Drive:Right-hand drive
Body Type:Wagon
Dealer License Number:MD059760
Metallic Paint:No
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2013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 1
2013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 22013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 32013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 42013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 52013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 62013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 72013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 82013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 92013 Land rover Range Rover Used White 8.0L Wagon Automatic photo 10

Owner description

2013 Land Rover Range Rover L405 SDV8 Vogue Wagon 5dr Spts Auto 8sp 4x4 4.4DTT [MY13] White

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