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2012 Porsche Panamera Used Gasoline Sedan Leather 3.6LL

Sale price: $US 31,000.00
Last update: 6.07.2021
Car location: Naples, Florida, United States
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Drive Type:RWD
Fuel Type:Gasoline
Interior Color:Tan
Body Type:Sedan
Exterior Color:Yachting Blue
Vehicle Title:Clean
Number of Cylinders:6
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2012 Porsche Panamera Used Gasoline Sedan Leather 3.6LL photo 1
2012 Porsche Panamera Used Gasoline Sedan Leather 3.6LL photo 22012 Porsche Panamera Used Gasoline Sedan Leather 3.6LL photo 3

Owner description

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Vehicle Details
Porsche Panamera. All service and recalls up to date.
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Watch video: 2012 Porsche Panamera (970) 3.6L (300HP) PDK POV TEST DIRVE

Get more info about the 2012 Porsche Panamera Used Gasoline Sedan Leather 3.6LL. Watch useful videos about such car.
2012 Porsche Panamera (970) 3.6L (300HP) PDK POV TEST DIRVE Всем привет!!!=) Меня зовут Алексей. Люблю и просто обожаю тачки, абсолютно все.

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