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2012 Mercedes-benz E-Class Used STRETCH LIMOUSINE

Sale price: $US 42,900.00
Last update: 27.10.2020
Car location: Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Options:Carbon fiber, Ostrich, and Crocodile Seats, CD Player, Leather Seats
:“" Beautiful Mercedes Benz Limo with Jet door in the middle, 1 of a kind limousine Build Fully Loaded, Low Miles very well kept"”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

2012 MERCEDES LIMO WITH JET DOOR ONLY ONE IN USAJet Door10 Passengers seatingFire PlaceStrobe and LED Lights3 tone Interior including Carbon fiber, Ostrich, and CrocodileWet BarBuilt in coolers2TV?sBluetooth capable MP3 playerLit LED Dancefloor & Roof Top
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