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2012 Ford E-Series Van Used gasoline Standard Cargo Van E250 VAN Automatic 4.6L Gas V8L

Sale price: $US 19,995.00
Last update: 26.07.2021
Car location: Alliance, Ohio, United States
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Interior Color:Gray
Fuel Type:gasoline
Warranty:Vehicle does NOT have an existing warranty
Body Type:Standard Cargo Van
Trim:E250 VAN
Exterior Color:White
Model:E-Series Van
Number of Cylinders:8
Disability Equipped:Yes
Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:RWD
Engine:4.6L Gas V8
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2012 Ford E-Series Van Used gasoline Standard Cargo Van E250 VAN Automatic 4.6L Gas V8L photo 1
2012 Ford E-Series Van Used gasoline Standard Cargo Van E250 VAN Automatic 4.6L Gas V8L photo 22012 Ford E-Series Van Used gasoline Standard Cargo Van E250 VAN Automatic 4.6L Gas V8L photo 3

Owner description

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Vehicle Details
2012 Ford E250 WHEELCHAIR VAN Wheelchair lift by Braun Automatic Transmission Air Conditioning: Single compressor, tie-in system Heat: rear heater Overall Body and Chassis Dimensions: OAL- 18.5; Height - under 10; Width - 92" Seats: Mid-high back seats in Level 1 upholstery - gray vinyl. See pictures. Warranty Info: Bus will be sold AS IS; no warranty offered nor implied. Unit road tested and major components in very good operating condition. DEALER INFO: VAN offered for sale by WESTERN RESERVE COACH SALES and BUSPRO1.COM of Alliance, Ohio. Western Reserve is a dealer of New and Used Buses, Commercial Vans, and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles.For any more information on this vehicle, please contact Mark @ [hidden information] or via email at [hidden information] information about and Western Reserve Coach Sales: We offer many NEW and USED buses. If youre looking for a USED bus, you have found the best source for used buses. Certified buses in our inventory are inspected before delivery so that they will pass most state bus inspections. If you are looking for a CHURCH BUS, NURSING HOME BUS, BUS for a MUSIC BAND, WHEELCHAIR BUS, AMBULETTE VAN, an ADULT DAY CARE CENTER BUS, CHILD CARE CENTER BUS, TOUR BUS, CHARTER BUS, LIMOUSINE BUS, COLLEGE BUS, FAMILY BUS - you name it, we have it or we can get it for you! Many of our customers have us find the bus they need, we bring it in, inspect it, make repairs, and delivery it to them. We can do the same for you. Buy your next bus from Western Reserve Coach Sales and and you will not be disappointed! Other buses we have furnished: showroom buses, tour buses, charter buses, team buses, university and college buses, ambulette buses, medical transport buses, emergency personnel buses, child care buses, family buses, and more. You name it, we probably have done it!Areas served: and Western Reserve Coach Sales are located in Alliance , Ohio - 60 miles southeast of Cleveland , Ohio ; 25 miles east of Akron , Ohio ; 20 miles east of Canton, Ohio; and 30 miles east of Youngstown, Ohio. We are also conveniently located within a comfortable driving distance to Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania - 100 miles; Columbus , Ohio - 150 miles; Toledo , Ohio - 120 miles; Cincinnati , Ohio - 250 miles; and Detroit , Michigan - 200 miles. We have customers from all over the country including California , New York , West Virginia , Kentucky , New Jersey , Virgina , Utah , North Carolina , South Carolina , Florida , Georgia , Tennessee , Iowa , Illinois , Indiana , Alabama , New Mexico , Missouri , New Hampshire , Vermont , Rhode Island , Massachusetts , Connecticut , Delaware , Maryland , Wisconsin , and Minnesota . We have also sold buses to customers in Canada - Ontario , Nova Scotia , New Brunswick , Saskatchewan , British Columbia , and Quebec . Some of our buses have made it to Mexico and Central America , as well as Europe and the Middle East .THANK YOU!
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