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2011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP

Sale price: $AU 2,490.00
Last update: 9.04.2021
Car location: Fairfield East, NSW, 2165, Australia
For Sale by: Dealer

Technical specifications, photos and description:

For Sale by:Dealer
Engine Size (litre):1.6
Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Year of Manufacture:2011
Body Type:Hatchback
Registration Number:DA01JV
Right-Hand, Left-Hand Drive:Right-hand drive
Fuel Type:Petrol - Premium ULP
Dealer License Number:066426
Metallic Paint:No
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2011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 1
2011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 22011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 32011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 42011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 52011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 62011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 72011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 82011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 92011 Chery J3 Used Blue 1.6L SQR481FAFBF04188L Hatchback Manual Petrol - Premium ULP photo 10

Owner description

2011 Chery J3 M1X Blue 5 Speed Manual Hatchback

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