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2008 Acura TL Used Automatic

Sale price: $US 2,500.00
Last update: 23.04.2021
Car location: Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Drive Type:FWD
Item status:In archive
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Current customer rating: Rating 4 (4/5) based on 7364 customer reviews
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Owner description

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White 2008 Acura TL FWD 3.2L V6 SOHC VTEC 24VGOOD CONDITION, SUNROOF / MOONROOF / ROOF, Leather, Freshly Detailed, ITS AN AMAZING CAR, 18/26 City/Highway MPG
4-Wheel Disc Brakes, 8 Speakers, ABS brakes, Acura/ELS Prem AM/FM w/XM Satellite Radio, Air Conditioning, Alloy wheels, AM/FM radio: XM, Auto-dimming Rear-View mirror, Automatic temperature control, Brake assist, Bumpers: body-color, Cassette, CD player, Driver door bin, Driver vanity mirror, Dual front impact airbags, Dual front side impact airbags, DVD-Audio, Electronic Stability Control, Four wheel independent suspension, Front anti-roll bar, Front Bucket Seats, Front Center Armrest w/Storage, Front dual zone A/C, Front fog lights, Front reading lights, Garage door transmitter: HomeLink, Heated door mirrors, Heated Front Bucket Seats, Heated front seats, High intensity discharge headlights: Bi-Xenon, Illuminated entry, Leather Shift Knob, Low tire pressure warning, Memory seat, Occupant sensing airbag, Outside temperature display, Overhead airbag, Overhead console, Panic alarm, Passenger door bin, Passenger vanity mirror, Perforated Leather Seat Trim, Power door mirrors, Power driver seat, Power moonroof, Power passenger seat, Power steering, Power windows, Premium audio system: Acura/ELS, Rear anti-roll bar, Rear reading lights, Rear seat center armrest, Rear window defroster, Remote keyless entry, Security system, Speed control, Speed-sensing steering, Speed-Sensitive Wipers, Steering wheel mounted audio controls, Tachometer, Telescoping steering wheel, Tilt steering wheel, Traction control, Trip computer, Turn signal indicator mirrors, Variably intermittent wipers.

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