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2004 Bmw 5 Series Used 2.2L Petrol Manual

Sale price: Contract price
Last update: 17.07.2021
Car location: Chester, Saltney, United Kingdom

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Model:5 Series
Engine Size:2.2
V5 Registration Document:Present
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2004 Bmw 5 Series Used 2.2L Petrol Manual photo 1
2004 Bmw 5 Series Used 2.2L Petrol Manual photo 22004 Bmw 5 Series Used 2.2L Petrol Manual photo 3

Owner description

2004 BMW 520i e60Plate: SB04XSP
70k mileagev5 present1 keycurrently sornno service historyFailed MOT due to emission too high
car runs great no knocks or bangsengine running smooth no unwanted noiseeverything works as it shouldreally good condition for its ageplease see photos for more description
interior is clean needs a bit of cleanexterior it's not too bad for its agerear bumper has a scratch but not too bad thanks for the transporter guyfull service includes air filter, pollen filter, cabin filter,New plugs, oil and filter, changed 02 sensors bank 1 and 2 and new batterywith 3yrs warranty. have all the receipts for all the job doneafter the last MOT 13th July 2021 airbag lights on
i was told its the air leak on intake manifold and cyclone valve needs to be changewith all the money thrown, i dont have the time and more money to sort maybe good as a donor or export still drives superb!
no service history
need a recovery transport can be driven for loading onlyas its currently SORN and no MOT, starts first time
sold as seen, no returnsprefers cash on collection or bank transfer
thank you for looking, any question please message me.

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