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2003 Subaru Legacy Used

Sale price: $US 20,000.00
Last update: 14.04.2021
Car location: Berkeley, California, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
:“Excellent condition, all components working perfectly fine. Clean swap performed”
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2003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 1
2003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 22003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 32003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 42003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 52003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 62003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 72003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 82003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 92003 Subaru Legacy Used photo 10

Owner description

Engine: New EJ20 short block from an 04 WRX, and heads (none AVCS)Sti engine mounts, ARP Head studs, New timing components and water pump, Gates racing timing belt, STi VF39 turbo, 08 STi intercooler, 750cc injectors, Koyo aluminum radiator, stock downpipe, Fujitsobo catback, Motul fluids, clean engine swap performed, AC/Heater work, all new breather, vacuum hoses.
Transmission: JDM Legacy B 6 speed none DCCD transmission, Exedy clutch, Perrin Transmission mount, Torque Solutions Pitch stop mount, one piece driveshaft, Perrin shifter bushings
Suspension: ISC coilovers, Cusco carbon front strut bar, STi front lower control arm W/ Whiteline urethane bushings, Rear Whiteline Diff Bushings, Cusco front sway bar, Front Cusco Carbon Strut brace.
Brakes: 08 STi front calipers and rotors, Hawlk pads, rear 04 STi rear calipers and DBA rotors, stainless brake lines
Wheels: Enkei RS05RR 18x9.5 +43 w/Hankook tires
Exterior: Navy blue wrapped, matches OE color in door jams, Tinted windows, JDM legacy front bumper with lip, JDM legacy headlights with OE HID, Zerosports headlight eyebrows, JDM Legacy vented hood W/Carbon vent scoop, JDM Legacy tail lights, JDM Legacy rear bumper with side lips, Ganador side mirrors. (have Legacy Blitzen rear trunk wing also)
Interior: JDM Legacy B5 RSK interior, black and blue door cards, front and rear seats, STi steering wheel, JDM Legacy B4 gauge cluster (Blue rings blink for low fuel, and high coolant temp), JDM Legacy S401 Hazzard button, black carpet, black A,B and C pillars, black headliner. JDM Black sun visors, STi pedal assembly.

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