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2002 Mercedes-benz G-Class Used 4-door Pick-up XL !

Sale price: $US 145,000.00
Last update: 16.10.2020
Car location: Cedar City, Utah, United States

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Vehicle Title:Clean
Body Type:4-door Pick-up XL !
:“The vehicle is in excellent condition, and transformed in a one-off Custom Build ones-in-a-lifetime 4-door G-class Pick-up.”
Item status:In archive
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Owner description

Thisone-of-a-kind XL 4-door Pick-up was Custom Buildwith only Original Mercedes OEM parts.First sold in California and later resided in Utah.Mercedes maintained and low milage. It features practically all options desired on a G500 ! ... and some of the highlights are:ABS, tinted windows, remote locks, sun roof, electric windows/ mirrors, leather interior, Mercedes stereo, heated seats front/rear, airbags, automatic 5-speed, cruise controll, and the list goes on and on.We gave it a 2.5" lift, and the chassis was stretched to accomodate the longer wheelbase and Pick-up bed, Hutchinsons Beadlock rims, Toyo off road tires, and a Custom made Mercedes "Professional"- style roof rack, were added. The full width rear window is a substantial improvement over the standard G-class, which results in excellent rear visibility.We maintained the folding forward rear seats, for cargo space purpose, and off course all the other features that were on the vehicle installed by the factory such as the Sun roof !This extreme conversion was performed with the utmost attention to detail, looking like it could have been build by the factory.Please don't considder this vehicle if you are shy of people making pictures and talking to you !If you are looking for a Unique G-class, that sets you apart from "all the rest"... this is it !
Will be sold with clean and clear Utah title.
This vehicle came with the following extras:
705 USA
BB3 Electric stabilisation controll (ESP)
C77 Chrome insert front grill
C78 Door sill illuminates
D27 Sun roof
EP5 CD/ radio
ET5 Command centre English
EV7 Cell phone prepared
F463 Type of vehicle 463 G-class
FZ5 Security system/ alarm
GE9 Automatic 5-speed
H10 Heated seats front
H11 Heated seats rear
I86 Tire size 265/60 R18
J11 Speedometer in mph
MR6 Motor M 113 E50 218 KW (297 PS)
RB9 Spare tire cover stainless steel
RL8 45,7 cm (18") aluminum 5-spoke rims
T84 Sides steps
U46 Interior leather
V29 Interior grey
V56 Dash trim wood
V57 Cargo area cover
VL1 Steering wheel and shifter
VL2 Interior mats velours
VL3 Luxery package
VS4 Interior leather, grey
W72 Dark tinted heatprotecting windows
X42 Informationlabels text in English
XC3 VIN plate USA
XY1 Model year 2001
Y01 Extra's countries
YF9 Garage door opener

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Watch video: Mercedes-Benz 2002 G500 2X131751T

Get more info about the 2002 Mercedes-benz G-Class Used 4-door Pick-up XL !. Watch useful videos about such car.
Mercedes-Benz 2002 G500.

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