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1997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP

Sale price: $AU 9,500.00
Last update: 9.04.2021
Car location: Maylands, Western Australia, Australia
For Sale by: Private Seller

Technical specifications, photos and description:

Type of Title:Clear (most titles)
Fuel Type:Petrol
Body Type:Station Wagon
For Sale by:Private Seller
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1997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 1
1997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 21997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 31997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 41997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 51997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 61997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 71997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 81997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 91997 VS V8 5L 304 Auto Berlina Station Wagon Commodore FREE DELIVERY VR VN VP photo 10

Owner description

Purchase price includes delivery to SA NSW VIC and ACT. QLD and NT extra $
Genuine buyers only. Contact to be made prior or your bid will be cancelled. Thanks
Rare as they come. An absolute ripper for the astute investor and wagon lover. Factory Panther Black fully optioned 5 litre 304 V8 Berlina Station Wagon. A very regrettable sale but I cannot store her out of the weather, as she deserves.
One family owned & female driver from 1999 to 2020.
Original log book 434,000kms. Original number plates. Original wheels supplied. Original radio. Only modification is an upgraded exhaust system so it sounds like a real pushrod V8 iron lion should.
ABS brakes, climate control Air Cond, LSD, cruise, full electric windows, elec LED dash cluster, central locking, air bag. 17” Alloy wheels with new tyres which cost $500.
Original numbers matching vehicle. Any inspection - Bring your mechanic - you won’t fault this wagon.
Interior is outstanding. No issues with the front seats- just covered for protection. Clearly the paint has seen better days but you’d come to expect that with 23 year old black metallic. No rust.
Motor has had Sump and valley gaskets done early 2020. Auto trans service. Complete cooling system overhaul. Brakes have been done. Anytime money needed to be spent to ensure reliability and preserve the car mechanically- it was spent.
Servicing has been done every 10,000 kms like a religion. All work has been done by paid professionals over the life of the car - and you can tell.
Can assist with interstate transport. Will not leave the state with WA rego. Rego to local buyers only. Can send any videos you need.No offers - price is firm. No swaps. You will need to have family or a friend in WA OR be prepared to do a couple money orders- cash only sale please. Bank transfer for a deposit is OK.
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